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Apr 18, 2009
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Last week1. Seattle Seahawks4D is like a major clog in the drain.2. New England Patriots2Plan to conduct a Rexorcism Sunday.3. Denver Broncos3Peyton acting his age of late.4. Arizona Cardinals5Their QBs do grow on trees.5. Green Bay Packers1Not sure what they're stacking.6. Dallas Cowboys7Murray gonna need a hand.7. Indianapolis Colts8Spell win with a T.Y.8. Detroit Lions9Stafford warming up for the cold.9. Philadelphia Eagles6Starting to feel Sanchez effect.10. Baltimore Ravens10Vow to help up Houston QB.11. Pittsburgh Steelers11Going to keep ringing that Bell.12. Cincinnati Bengals13Johnny Football holiday over.13. San Diego Chargers12Navigating bend in Rivers.14. Buffalo Bills16Waiting to thrill with Spill.15. Kansas City Chiefs18Smith given OK to throw to a WR.16. Houston Texans19Have faith QB can take a snap.17. Miami Dolphins14Defense looking to win a Teddy.18. San Francisco 49ers15Game plan written in maize and blue.19. Cleveland Browns17Sticking with Johnny Shutout.20. New Orleans Saints23Playing for right to lose in playoffs.21. Minnesota Vikings20That's 'Zim' as in (they can) win.22. St. Louis Rams21Get to torment Eli.23. New York Giants24Future as bright as N.J.24. Atlanta Falcons22Will activate Julio's good hip.25. Carolina Panthers26Can't believe still in it.26. Washington27RG looking OK.27. Chicago Bears25Cutler dangerous with clipboard.28. Oakland Raiders283-13 an achievable goal.29. New York Jets30Got something left for Pats.30. Jacksonville Jaguars32Out of the kitty litter box.31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers31Won't quit until they're 2-14.32. Tennessee Titans29Fans excited to see no show in '15.


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