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NFL negotiations--Walker a centerpiece

Discussion in 'Green Bay Packers Fan Forum' started by net, Oct 27, 2005.

  1. net

    net Cheesehead

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    Jun 3, 2005
    Found this from Greg Garber at ESPN.com Puts Javon's situation into perspective along with the Packers if no deal is done. Can you imagine no salary cap?
    On Sunday, the National Football League again demonstrated why it has such a forceful grip on the sporting public:

    The Philadelphia Eagles turned what looked like a certain defeat to the San Diego Chargers into victory with a late blocked field goal and a return for a touchdown. The Minnesota Vikings escaped from a 17-point second-half deficit to stun the Green Bay Packers as time ran out -- with a 56-yard field goal. The New York Giants, trailing the Denver Broncos by 13 points in the fourth quarter, rallied to win on a touchdown with five seconds left. The Seattle Seahawks scored 10 points in the final 40 seconds to beat the Dallas Cowboys.

    On Monday, aficionados of fantasy football already were turning their attention to this Sunday's lineups and fans were joyously contemplating a tasty menu of pivotal divisional games. The NFL is our comfort food when the days get colder and shorter -- and we take it largely for granted.

    “ Progress continues to be slow on a CBA extension, but we are working hard at it. That is as much as we can offer right now.â€
  2. P@ck66

    [email protected] Banned Banned

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    Jun 5, 2005
    What is Walker's numbers go down next year if Favre retires, and Sherman inevitably and ineptly handles Rodgers in his own uniquely incompetent fashion?

    I think Favre owes Walker at least another year....

    Let us now all weep for the poor, mistreated multi-millionaire NFL owners...

    (The players are not the enemy in this scenario (except Hunt, maybe) since they earn millions of dollars...Who here on this forum would accept a job that has a 3.5 year average longevity?)
  3. DePack

    DePack Cheesehead

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    Jun 5, 2005
    Newark, Delaware
    Pack...Favre will be back for a couple more years. I'm torn on Walker's ACL (pun intended). It's hard to feel sorry for rich owners but it is also hard to feel sorry for rich players. Walker will make 7.5 mil in 5 years. I really like him though. He seems like he has a good head on his shoulders(despite scoring a 9 on the Wonderlic test). Unless you hit the lottery, it takes the average fan considerably longer than 5 years to make 7.5 million.

    The Packers and other teams have been burned by players stealing money in the past (Hunt, Johnson, etc..). Having said that....I would love to see the Packers offer Walker a 1 million dollar roster bonus to rehab his knee with the promise to TRY to work out a long term deal next season if he heals right. I realize it would hurt our cap number but in the long run it would spread some goodwill between the Packers and Walker and make it easier to sign him to a longterm deal. It would also make Green Bay more attractive to free agants if they spread some goodwill.
  4. CaliforniaCheez

    CaliforniaCheez Cheesehead

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    Apr 13, 2005
    Citrus Heights CA
    Whenever there is change there are winners and losers.

    A structured salary for rookies by position or a reduced yet guaranteed contract for rookies.

    The vested veteran minimum should have the ability to have incentive clauses or additional pension benefits if one is accepted.

    The problem is that unrealistic greed on both sides keep thinking you can squeeze more nickels out of their customers.
    Adding timeouts and slowing the game further will diminish product quality. Putting advertizing on every seat and flat surface making stadiums look like a NASCAR vehicle is not pleasant.

    The NFL will have to expand internationally to increase revenues to keep pace with historical growth the revenue predictions are based upon.

    To resolve the CBA there will be some form of franchise tax on the teams earning more than a league average or assigned level. There will be terms to "encourage" low revenue teams to earn more and disincentives to stay there.

    Looking at the roster the Packers are situated fairly well for the uncapped year. Few players have 6 accrued seasons who are not under long term contract. Those of value under the accrued seasons can be signed in 06.

    Long term the Packers will tend to decline relative to other franchises in local revenue. New York will be building a new stadium and new ones are being proposed for Atlanta and Indianapolis. They will remain at least in the middle third of revenue.

    A percentage of evenues from stadiums tours and other local events like fanfest will go to the NFL. The Packers are slowly having more local decisions taken over by the league.

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