New IR rules


Oct 5, 2014
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IR rules have changed for 2022

A quick summary. A player on the active 53 at the start of the season can be put on IR and come back after 4 games instead of 3. A player can be placed on IR and return a maximum of twice. Also teams will be allowed a total of 8 returns from the IR for the season. I'm not sure if there was a limit before.

One possible player this could affect for the Packers is Jenkins. Since the PUP list means he has to miss 6 weeks it was thought maybe if he was potentially able to come back sooner they might carry him on the 53 and then put him on IR after the season started and bring him back after 3 games. He would have to miss 4 now if that type of move is even allowed since the injury happened last season. The extra game missed might make it not worth it for having to carry him on the initial 53 man roster.