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Apr 30, 2016
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Hey gang,

Did this one on Again I don't expect at least half of these trades to happen, this is just what the engine let me do. Let's start shall we?

Pick 15: Peter Skoronski T Northwestern: Slightly bigger than Bakhtiari, we need to be looking to the future at LT right now, and even if Bakhtiari wins the job in year 1 A.) No guarantee about year 2 and beyond and B.) You can put this kid on the right side, and draft another Tackle later on, have THEM sit for a year, in 2024 when it's completely over for D Bakh Skoronski is at LT, one of the other rookies is at RT and Nijman is at the swing spot where he does his best work.

I then flipped pick 45 for Picks 50, 121, 155 and 196.

I then flipped 50 for Picks 60, 92 and 248.

Pick 60: Sydney Brown S Illinois: Need position. I watched this kid this year against Wisconsin and was impressed, yes it was against a less than stellar Badgers passing game, but still 2nd round, and a need, gotta take him.

Pick 78: Tank Bigsby RB Auburn: Eventually in the next couple years Jones WILL slow down. We WILL need the next speed back. Let's also be honest if you're an SEC fan you saw both Bigsby and Kylin Hill and Bigsby is better and they're both at about the same size.

Pick 92: Hendon ****** QB Tennessee: We think we know about Love, but we really don't. By the time we draft in Round 1 Levis is gone. Rogers may stay at Mississippi State, if that's the case ****** is the best QB in the board. Forget the injury, so what if he sits a year, that just means we get to find out for sure about Love. Possibly by year 3 ****** is tradable for draft capital.

Pick 116: Zacch Pickens DL South Carolina: 6'4 305. Good size for a 3-4 DE. SEC speed and strength. DE still needs to be upgraded. Very safe pick in the 4th round.

Pick 121: Joe Tippman C Wisconsin: This is a guy that I think can move out to Guard and at least be a depth pickup if not start over Runyan.

I then traded Pick 151 for Pick 186, 227 2 7ths in 2024 and a 7th in 2025

Pick 155: Henry To'o To'o LB Alabama by way of Tennessee: Saban trained. Also Jeremy Pruitt trained. Say what you want about him but Pruitt is a damn good DC. Henry is about 6'2 230 and I'm salivating at him alongside Quay Walker in 2023 or 2024. Love this kid's range and instincts.

Pick 171: Jaxson Kirkland G Washington: When I drafted Tippman I had NO idea I could get Kirkland and had to come out of this draft with interior line help. 6'7 340. This guy is a monster!

Pick 186: Kenny McIntosh RB Georgia: 2 National Championships, played in one of if not THE best conference in football. Another speedback option for the future.

Pick 196: Ricky Stromberg C Arkansas: Of the 3 interior lineman drafted so far Tippman is the weakest link. Stromberg I believe can play both C and G as a backup and can probably start at Guard by mid-season. I love this guy in the run game.

Pick 225: Elijah Higgins WR Stanford: This one is simple. We need a punt returner and a viable option at WR 4. I like Higgins for this role more than Toure. I can also see him returning kickoffs if Nixon struggles.

Pick 227 DJ Dale DL Alabama: 6'3 300. Like him as another option as a 3-4 DE. Does he start year 1? Probably not, but he at least makes the rotation and probably takes a starting spot year 2 at some point.

Pick 234: Marshon Ford TE Louisville: 6'2 240. First tight end available after round 1 that is draftable without having to reach 10-12 spots below where we are picking. I don't like the 6'2 but he looks fast, and we need that if we want to send our TEs down the seam which has worked in Superbowl years.

Pick 244: Ryan Greenhagen LB Fordham: 6'1 245. Old school prototype linebacker. He's a solid back up and special teamer for this team in year 1. As we've seen that we need the primary backup at ILB to play I don't trust what I've seen from McDuffie, Greenhagen could easily step in grab the spot and be an upgrade.

Pick 248: Jadon Haselwood WR Arkansas: 6'3 213. Jordy Nelson's size give or take a couple points. Slightly taller than Davante. Get him in the building late in the 7th round and let's see what we actually have with the kid. Could he be an Ahman Green level sleeper late round pick?

Pick 257: Devonsha Maxwell DL Chattanooga: 6'3 296. He's listed as a DL and as an EDGE depending on what website you look at. At 295, there's no WAY he's an EDGE in the NFL. At 275 can he be an EDGE like Rashan Gary is? Or do you beef him up 15 pounds and make him a 3-4 DE a position we need help at.

Let me know what you guys think


Dec 20, 2015
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They will be needing WRs no matter who the QB is. I'd lose my mind if someone wasn't picked until pick 225.

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