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Apr 30, 2016
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First you should know I did this mock on With trades I ended up with the following picks: 26, 49, 77, 83, 103, 109, 113, 122, 135, 141, 147, 154, 186, 189, 195, 202, 205, 218 and 223 in 2023 In 2024 I picked up 5 7th round picks, 1 6th, 1 5th and 1 4th. In 2025 I ended up with 4 7th round picks, 1 6th and 1 5th.

With all that said here is my 2023 mock.

Pick 26: Jared Verse EDGE Florida State 6'4 248: I wanted to make sure I used a 1st there was no one later in round 1 that wanted the pick AND there were alot of CBs available and I hate drafting CBs in round 1. Considering he's #20 on the big board and with Gary coming off an ACL, and the uncertainty of Preston Wilson being around next year due to production and I believe contract stuff this is a depth move that potentially fills a gap in the starting line up.

Pick 49: Drew Sanders LB Arkansas 6'5 233: Realistically would rather have Poole I don't see this guy higher than a 4th but the inside linebacker group is ALMOST but not quite fixed. He could be the guy that elevates in the NFL and becomes that guy. Sanders was the 40th ranked player on the big board and was by grade my worst draft pick admittedly.

Pick 77: Blake Freeland T BYU 6'8 305: Let's be honest with Jenkins back the interior O-Line has greatly improved especially with him moved back inside. We don't know when D Bakh fully becomes Chad Clifton int he final 2 years of his career and Nijman is better as the swing/primary back up. We need Tackles. Freeland is the 50th rated player on PFFs big board. Getting him mid Round 3 seems like a steal, and he's HUGE.

Pick 83: Tyler Nubin S Minnesota 6'2 210: I LOVE Dee Ford at 1 Safety spot, he needs a partner. Amos seems to have hit the wall and Savage never WAS the guy at the other safety. Nubin is the 1st safety I picked up in this draft and I know we'll hit on one of these guys. He's not as much of a ball hawk as the guy who was a 1st a couple years back out of Minnesota that everyone wanted. But he's an upgrade at a position we need to upgrade. His pff rank is #51.

Pick 103: Demarvion Overshown LB Texas 6'4 224: This guy has dropped this year. If he had come out in 2022 he was projected as a 2. He's now ranked 83 on pff which is mid-late 3...I picked him up early round 4, and I can honestly see him dropping to the 5th or 6th like Kingsley Enegbare and the Pack picking him up then. I like the 6'4 I don't like the 224. Can he play at 230 or bigger? If so he's less likely to get trucked by backs or tightends.

Pick 109: Steve Avila G TCU 6'4 330: This is the 'get rid of Royce Newman' pick. Avila can probably come in by mid-season if there is an injury and the running game not miss a step. I do worry if he has to step in prior to Week 6 as a rookie. Ranked 89 on the pff big board.

Pick 113: Zacch Pickens D-Line South Carolina 6'4 305: Clark needs help...STILL. Yes they've done a little to bring in people but right now we're still weak at DE...this kid can come in and probably be an upgrade over Lowry during camp. Ranked 91 on the pff big board.

Pick 122: Cade Stover TE Ohio State 6'4 255: Pedigree of winning football in college, approximately Jermichael Finley's size...slightly shorter but it hasn't felt since Finley got hurt that this team has had that seam threat through the defense like they did with Finley as well as Chewy and Jackson in the mid 90's when the team won Superbowls. I think he bumps Tonyan to backup (Be honest we know Lewis isn't the REAL starter) and sends 1 of the other 3 TEs on the roster packing as a rookie. PFF rank 106

Pick 135: Keeanu Benton DL Wisconsin 6'4 315: More Dominant in 2021 than 2022 but the overall quality of the Badger Defense was down. He's never gonna be the best player in the unit, but he could become the best player in the D-Line rotation with guys around him at the other levels which within the next 2 years the Packers will have. PFF Rank 110

Pick 141: Braeden Daniels T Utah 6'4 297: I've said it before WE NEED TACKLES...PLURAL! So here's a 6'4 guy about 300 pounds that played at a Pac-12 school. Sound familiar? Concern is that he played RT in college not LT. Also for being the same size he looks bigger than D Bakh. PFF rank 122

Pick 147: Marvin Mims Jr. WR Oklahoma 5'11 182: We tried Amuffy didn't work. Cobb ain't gonna be playing when he's 86 years old we need to come up with the NEXT guy in this spot. I believe Mims was on mocks last year and was a 2. For me getting him in the 5th is an absolute steal. PFF rank 126

Pick 154: Bryce Ford-Wheaton WR West Virginia 6'3 224: Not lying here. Haven't seen him play. Being Davante's size is what got my attention. Can't really defend this pick other than that. PFF rank 129

Pick 186: Trey Dean III S Florida 6'3 207: PFF rank 162 but to me as I saw him play a couple times this year he looks like a late day 2 early day 3 pick not a 6th rounder and a late one at that. Again the hope with Safety is that one of the guy hits and jumps into the starting lineup with Ford.

Pick 189: Chandler Zavala G North Carolina State 6'5 325: We need at least 2 here to insure we have good depth inside. This dude looks like he's about 6'7 340. Not expecting him to start, expecting him to be able to if needed. pff rank 177

Pick 195: Payton Wilson LB North Carolina State 6'4 230: Just fyi I do MULTIPLE mocks and only post the occassional one. No matter what site I do a mock on or how many I do this guy ends up in the draft class. Can HE play at 235-240 without losing speed and agility? I see him as an upgraded McDuffie, and much less of a liability if he actually has to DO something defensively. pff rank 190

Pick 202: Nick Broeker G Mississippi 6'5 315: I've seen this guy on mock draft boards since 2021. Back then he was listed as a 4th...last year I kept seeing him pop up in the 5th now he becomes a Packer in the 7th. I've said we need 2 guards for depth and I like that talent he played against in college. And let's be honest we can't miss on TWO Guards from Ole Miss within 5 years can we? Bueller? pff rank 194

Pick 205: Nick Hampton EDGE Appalachian State 6'3 235: He's probably ILB depth for Green Bay. If he's gonna play EDGE he's gonna have to go on the Breno Giacomini college diet to get there (I may have the wrong name but I DO remember one of the O-Line rookies weighing 408 pounds reporting to camp in the 2000s) I don't see him as a gamble this late in the draft. Solid motor guy just undersized for the position. pff rank 201

Pick 218: Brevyn Spann-Ford TE Minnesota 6'6 256: Marcedes Lewis type player. May catch 20 balls and 2 TD a year for you but most of the catches are gonna be "NEED IT" plays. pff rank 213

Pick 223: Juice Scruggs C Penn State 6'3 310: Possibly the best Center in the B1G. Hanson has proven to be a bad pick that needs to be replaced. Scruggs is 15 pounds bigger and to my eyes is a better player than Hanson. Pff Rank 212

Be interested in Tyni's and others thoughts here. I KNOW I didn't draft an RB in this mock but no one was coming up anywhere near where I was drafting. If I use fanspeak I usually end up with Bigsby Charbonet or the kid from Texas somewhere in the 1st 100 picks. I also understand there's no way in HE** that these trades would go through in the real nfl draft.

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