It shows, they want to drop 7?


Feb 5, 2014
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I think we have shown the NFL. That no matter how good your defensive line is. If you want to drop 7 into coverage, Lacy/ Starks will carve your hind quarters into stew meat.

Seattle will be crush just like the Lions were. Just like the Bills would have been.

looking back. I cant blame McCarthy for passing no matter what. Lacy was young, and we didnt want to run him into the ground. Our pass attack is led by the MVP. I figured we could blow them up with the pass no matter what.... Truth is the great Defenses can slow us down enough to beat us with that strategy. IF we decide to not change up.

Now that we know there is a legit alternative. That being we can cram it down their throat 10 yards a pop. Until they bring some guys back up. Then its game on for our MVP and his triple barrel , double scoped, heat seeking cannon.

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