Interesting Things That I've Learned About the Packers History

El Guapo

Dec 7, 2011
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Land 'O Lakes
I'm slowly reading through the Packers history in the new volumes by Cliff Christl. So far one of the more interesting nuggets that I have plucked is about why the Indian Packing Company bankrolled the team. I new that Curly worked there and so did several other players from East HS, but it was the timing of the event. I'll quote the book here:

"The day Indian Packing went public, the NY Stock Exchange firm of Miller & Co advertised it had sold 425,000 shares of Indian Packing Corp. stock. On the first day of trading, Indian Packing shares started at $33, hit a high of $50.25 and closed at $44.....Within 13 days after Indian Packing's stock went public Peck agreed to sponsor the Packers."

The book does describe Frank Peck (President of Indian Packing) to be a generous man in general, but it seems that Curly and George got lucky that the company's stock did so well initially. Kind of like asking your buddy for a loan after he wins big at the casino. Had the stock not shot out of the gates, Peck may not have granted them $500 to start the team.