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Dec 15, 2004
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Lambeau Midwest
Last year, very early in the year... around April (really bwefore even that) our Club started the heavy workings that are needed to prep for the "Packers /Colts" Home Opener here, in Indy, on last 9/26/04.

Those items on the Wish List were:

  • Where to Tailgate
    How many people might show up
    What to charge non Club Members (Visitors)
    Who else could help out or be part of the Party
    Find a 'live' Band
    whatever else we could think of

Well - we found out about an Appleton Blues Band and the Jager Girls and then Hat World guru, Jon Glesing called... and things started to gel....
About this time, we hired a bunch of SuperTechs for our Call Center Support team, and one of those people happens to run the web site for the Colts Insider pages.... A Dan Graham (AlphaMale) and we started sharing some things and competing about who had the better Team and the BETTER Fans... You can guess by now - He lost!

But, then we started discussing what the Colts Blue Crew might have planned - he said "practically nothing" - and I was elated that their fans were so slow on the uptake to the Packers coming to Town --- He reminded me that the Packers always lose here in Indy - but I reminded him that we still have more Titles and more fans and then he got a bit rude about it... Colts fans always jump to that sort of thing...

Once he heard most of our plan - apparently he called over to the Colts Offices and let them know they'd better have something in line - especially since we had already planned on giving to charity any extra tickets the Fans might want to donate...

In the end - the Colts Blue Crew - now renamed Blue Thunder (doh) "imitated" every item on our agenda list for the Tailgate... every item. Go figure - no imagination at all... just copycat-itis.

BUT.... while our Party ended up having around 800 Cheeseheaads show up - I got plenty of pics - over on Jackson Street, where the Colts had Jonsonville and a few other things online... they ended up having more cheeseheads over there than actual Colts fans....

We had 800 fans, 1500 brats, 6 HUGE barrels of Miller Lite, the Jaeger Girls, Hat World Trailer (shirts) the local bestest Blues Band on a flatbed trailer playing some of the best music anywhere - who also played at the loca Blues Bar after tha game, as well.... and we also had a silent auction for some Mark Tauscher items and the Packers, themselves, sent out a 2003 Green&Gold football with the entire teams signatures all over it.

The Colts fans were certainly more successful with giving to Charity - but hey - there's almost 2 million people in and around Indy - they better do better than we did....

Here's the kicker --- they had nothing planned at all... until Danny started chattin with me and our Club Plans to prep for all you Cheeseheads who were sure to show up.... I congratualted him on his success - but we "saw" that practically no one showed up for their party --- pretty sad really...

And, once we got inside for the game


Now, for the icing -----

Part of Dan and myself chattin' about all this setup - was how I bragged up Lambeau Field Tailgate Parties... and before I ever mentioned anything... the Colts Blue Crew had never really organized anything in or around the NipperDome (RCA? - Doh) --- so, with my suggestions that they should demonstrate REAL PRIDE... they came up with this reserved area (this Article) and charged each fan $120/per parking slot - per year --- to come down and tailgate for the Home games....

One of these years, they'll figure out what it means to be a REAL FAN!
Not sure when that's gonna happen - they still keep asking us Cheeseheads why we don't go back where we came from.... real hospitalilty, that is... a great way to kill the tourist's dollar....eh? Ya hey!

All this - is a ... TRUE STORY!

carol k

Jun 6, 2005
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wrenshall, mn
We have found that you cannot park your car in the Lambeau field parking lot anymore unless you buy a ticket for all of the home games. Living 500 miles away from Lambeau makes it almost an impossiblity to make it to all the games. So, many people have been tailgating in near KMart which is sponsored by the Dare program. However, it seems as if they have new rules now about drinking anywhere except in the Lambeau parking lot. Where are our freedoms?!!!!

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