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Jan 19, 2010
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Hey gang,

I had a thought as I watched the Music City Bowl today featuring LSU and Notre Dame. I know we'll probably get the kid from State to fill an ILB spot, and I'm good with that. My question is this, and please bare in mind I'm a Notre Dame fan. Would you guys use a 5, 6, or 7 or RFA on Joe Schmidt of Notre Dame? Yes he broke his ankle, yes he was a walk on, but he was the talent of that defense, almost a coach on the field, and since his injury until today that defense has STUNK! I also think this may be a good idea because ILB is a need position, and I don't think any of us believe we should put all our eggs in one basket.

I don't know what he runs but he's about 6'1 235 (Roughly Nitschke's size) and he seems to have that early Brian Noble nose for the ball skill. He is a good character guy, but I was wondering what everyone's thoughts were on this. If it were me I'd maybe even take him in the 4th if the ankle is or will be healthy by training camp. Here is a story on him: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/...all-from-walk-on-to-mvp-the-joe-schmidt-story

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Schmidt has one year of eligibility left at Notre Dame and I din't expect him to declare for the 2015 draft.