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Draft Pick Signing / Agent Information

Discussion in 'Packer Fan Forum' started by CaliforniaCheez, Jun 1, 2007.

  1. CaliforniaCheez

    CaliforniaCheez Cheesehead

    Apr 13, 2005
    It is that time of year again where fans like me look at the transaction page and see other teams signing their picks and wondering why Andrew Brandt doesn't sign draft picks like everyone else.

    As of this post there are less than 1400 hours until training camp opens.

    Now I know Andrew does not have to deal with psycho agents this year like Rosenhaus(Lance Briggs), The Poston Family, Joel Segal or Tom Condon. But he should be able to get a deal done soon.

    Anyway here is a look at the agents except for Aaron Rouse(who is his agent!).

    1) First Round Pick Justin Harrell
    Agent: Eugene E. Parker
    Company Info
    Maximum Sports Management
    196 N. Main Street
    P.O. Box 637
    Roanoke IN, 46783
    Phone:(260) 672-9480
    Fax: (260) 672-1310
    Valparaiso Univ., J.D.82
    Purdue, B.S.78
    Active Contracts Negotiated:20

    Deon Sanders, Emmitt Smith, the holdout of Cedric Benson, Derrick Brooks, Hines Ward, Greg Jennings.
    Could be a troublesome negotiation.

    2) Second Round Pick Brandon Jackson
    Agent: Gary Wichard
    Pro Tect Management
    17383 Sunset Blvd.
    Suite 250
    Pacific Palisades CA, 90272
    Phone:(310) 230-2121
    Fax: (310) 230-2126 Contract Negotiations only
    Education C.W. Post College, B.A.72

    Active Contracts Negotiated:23

    Represents Jason Taylor, Dwight Freeney, Terrell Suggs, Adam Archuletta, JP Losman, Kevin Dyson
    Not likely to be a bad negotiation but the guy knows his business and it may take awhile working out the incentives in the contract.

    3) Third Round pick James Jones
    Agent: Frank Bauer
    Sun West Sports
    7883 North Pershing Avenue
    Stockton CA, 95207
    Phone:(209) 952-9922
    Fax: (209) 951-3216 Contract Negotiations
    Education Western St. Univ., M.A.73
    Western St. Univ., B.A.70

    Active Contracts Negotiated:21

    Represents coach Lovie Smith(not a smooth negotiation), The late Pat Tillman, Kelly Holcomb, Titans DE Anthony Dunn and rookie Ikaika Alama-Francis(Detroit 2nd round pick and son of former back up to Bart Starr)
    The NFL Players Association and Sports Illustrated ranked Bauer fifth in their published list of the NFL’s Top 10 agents.
    At one time represented 47 NFL players and 3 head coaches. This agent has not had any troublesome negotiations that I can find except for Smith.

    4) Third Round pick Aaron Rouse
    I don't know who his agent is!!

    5) Fourth Round pick Allen Barbre
    Agent J. Drew (Drew) Pittman
    Domann & Pittman
    1487 Rustic Trail
    Salado TX, 76571
    Phone: (254)947-8100
    Fax: (254)947-3644 Contract Negotiations
    website: http://www.dp-football.com/
    Education Southern Methodist Univ., B.A.82
    Active Contracts Negotiated:12

    This agency seems to rerpresent many mid round picks. This should not be too difficult as they seem to be a professional and have not had bad situations.

    6) Fifth Round pick David Clowney
    Agent: Brian Mackler
    Sportstars, Inc.
    1350 Avenue of the Americas
    28th Floor
    New York NY, 10019
    Phone:(212) 757-4044
    Fax: (201) 586-0314 Contract Negotiations
    Education Pace Univ., M.B.A85
    Buffalo Univ., B.S.84
    Professional Credentials CPA
    Active Contracts Negotiated:18

    Represents CB Sheldon Brown, QB Mike McMahon, TE L.J. Smith, Brian Westbrook, Cato June, Vonnie Holliday. I don't forsee a problem.

    7) Sixth Round pick Korey Hall
    Agent: Andrew M. (Buddy) Baker
    IM Sports Services
    One American Square
    Suite 3100
    Indianapolis IN, 46282
    Phone:(317) 236-2353
    Fax: (317) 592-4645 Contract Negotiations
    website: http://www.imsportsservices.com/

    Education Indiana Univ. - Indianapolis School of Law, JD98
    Purdue Univ., BS94

    Active Contracts Negotiated:24

    This agent represented Kurt Campbell. He represents Anthony Oakley, Brandon McGowen and draft pick Corey Graham of the Bears. I do not forsee a problem. IM Sports should get this contract done.
    Article: http://www.sportingnews.com/yourturn/viewtopic.php?t=203286

    8) Sixth Round pick Desmond Bishop
    Agent: Adisa Bakari
    Dow, Lohnes & Albertson
    1200 New Hampshire Avenue, NW
    Suite 800
    Washington DC, 20036
    Phone:(202) 776-2542
    Fax: (202) 776-4542
    Active Contracts Negotiated:9

    Represents Jaguars, Maurice Jones Drew(was with Ricky Manning when he beating up a guy in a restaurant), Jaguars second round pick Justin Durant, and Jaguar's third round pick Mike Walker.
    Want to see an interview with the agent? click long linkbelow.

    http://www.patriots.com/SMIL/index....New England Patriots&copyright=2007&PID=24327

    He is still working his way up the agent ladder and gets many clients from Division II schools. Nothing out of line with this agent.

    9) Sixth Round pick Mason Crosby
    Agent: Michael S. McCartney
    Priority Sports & Entertainment
    325 N. LaSalle Street
    Suite 650
    Chicago IL, 60610
    Phone:(312) 664-7700
    Fax: (312) 664-5172
    website: http://www.prioritybasketball.biz/football/MikeMcCartney.html
    Active Contracts Negotiated:17

    Represents 1st rounders AJ Hawk and Luis Castillo, he is part of a firm that has clients like Kurt Warner, Robert Gallery, Jake Delhomme.

    The agency will work a lot of incentives into the contract. I'd guess that Crosby's contract will be the last of the 6th rounders to be signed. Perhaps that is why he was selected 3 of 3.

    10) Seventh Round pick DeShaun Wynn
    Agent: David E. Canter
    DEC Management
    18940 SW 32nd Street
    Miramar FL, 33029
    Phone:(954) 599-4499
    Fax: (954) 392-1776 Contract Negotiations
    Education Univ. of Miami (FL) Law School, J.D.98
    Ithaca College, B.S.95

    Active Contracts Negotiated:12

    Represents Zach Thomas, Mike Peterson, Chad Jackson, Todd Sauerbrun, the late Damien Nash of the Broncos, Stephen Davis and viking Troy Williamson. I will be suprised if this is not the first contract signed.

    Interesting article: http://espn.go.com/page2/s/confessions/001115agent.html

    and http://www.bizjournals.com/southflorida/stories/2000/10/23/story4.html?page=1

    11) Seventh Round pick Clark Harris
    Agent: Joseph M. Flanagan
    BTI Sports Advisors
    108 Packerland Drive
    Suite C-1
    Green Bay WI, 54303
    Phone:(920) 490-0284
    Fax: (312) 846 9584 Contract Negotiations
    Education DePaul Univ. Law, J.D.96
    Univ. of Notre Dame, B.A.93
    Professional Credentials Member of IL Bar
    Active Contracts Negotiated:2

    Represents LB Rob Reynolds of the Titans(arrested last season for domestic violence and was suspended at OH state for choking Jim Sorgi on the field.), I don't know to whom the other active NFL contract belongs. Few distractions at this agency.

    This article if read carefully will explain some confusion regarding Flanagan and Flanigan


    I suggest you read some of the articles to get some insite on each agent.

    I really don't anticipate much trouble with this group of agents.
    But I hate it when the calender says July 22 and only a third of the picks are signed!!
  2. yooperfan

    yooperfan Cheesehead

    Dec 4, 2004
    I think the fact that none of the draft picks are staying away from OTA's because they are unsigned is a good sign that things are progressing nicely.
  3. warhawk

    warhawk Cheesehead

    Dec 7, 2005
    It would be hard to imagine Harrell being a "problem" since TT has had to wear a bullit proof vest since making the pick.

    He better be stopping by Hardee's every morning and picking up breakfast for TT on his way to work.

    I think any kid who has his bicept uncoiled and strapped back up to play a full game against Florida probably wants to play bad enough to not let this get to be a problem.
  4. PackFanInSC

    PackFanInSC Cheesehead

    Jul 29, 2006

    Thanks for putting all this together. That must have taken quite while.
  5. CaliforniaCheez

    CaliforniaCheez Cheesehead

    Apr 13, 2005
    I would not have bet Clowney would be first but I'm glad something has happened and that progress is being made.

    I now have a positive impression of Brian Mackler at Sportstars.
  6. Tiger

    Tiger Cheesehead

    Sep 9, 2006
    I reckon Clowney is feeling the pressure to make the roster so he decided he would make a good impression by signing quickly.
  7. CaliforniaCheez

    CaliforniaCheez Cheesehead

    Apr 13, 2005
    Good to see that Rouse signed today. Good job by his agent.

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