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Colt McCoy: Out of his League?

Discussion in 'All Other Team Discussions' started by DOCTORAPK, Dec 12, 2011.


    DOCTORAPK Cheesehead

    Dec 1, 2011
    After the Steelers' Jerome Harrison LEVELED Colt McCoy during last Thursday's night game, his dad complained that the Browns should never have let Colt come back in the game. (The doctors on the sideline OK'd it. He did...and threw an interception which basically finished the Browns.)

    The hit is shown at NFL.com in the Browns-Steelers highlights from last week.

    The tape shows Colt running right before the hit. He looked scared. Then Jerome Harrison's helmet gets him in the chin while Colt is scrambling. He grimaces...his head snaps aside....and he drops.

    He ends up spread-eagled on the field.

    Some of the players on the field near him came by to look at him, I imagine, because they were concerned that he was seriously hurt.

    Colt went to the sideline. The camera showed him on the sideline talking to some Browns' Medical personnel, apparently.

    Then .... McCoy was back in the game. He ended up putting up a wild toss which got intercepted to finish the Browns.

    The Browns' Head Coach Pat Shurmur is shown on the NFL Game highlights at the post game news conference talking about how the Doctors looked at Colt McCoy. Apparently, Colt said nothing about the head shot then. He complained only about his hand. Only post-game did he show concussion like symptoms.

    Colt's dad was saying later that they should never have put him back in.

    I say...this is too much for him.

    There are two recent Texas college quarterbacks in the NFL, both in Ohio, ..... Andy Dalton, a 2nd rounder on the Bengals from TCU...and McCoy, a 3rd rounder with the Browns from the University of Texas in Austin. I know Colt had a big-time, big-name career at Texas, but when I saw him in college...and he was talking about playing in the NFL... I figured that this guy was too small and slight to make it in the NFL.

    This play, I think, shows that I could be right.

    The Browns should consider releasing this guy out of concerns for his safety. I think Colt's over his head, literally, in the NFL

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