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Can You Feel It?

Discussion in 'Packer Articles' started by ilovemypackers, Dec 7, 2010.

By ilovemypackers on Dec 7, 2010 at 12:41 PM
  1. ilovemypackers

    ilovemypackers Cheesehead

    Sep 28, 2010
    Does it suddenly seem like our race to post season has been "sparked" by a RUNNING game of all things?

    It's been a long time coming, but I think we finally got what we needed, someone that can move the chains!

    James Starks' 4.1 yards per touch wasn't exactly an amazing stat, but the fact that he was able to help us get first down after first down on Sunday had me smiling from ear to ear.

    I'm no longer cringing when I see a running play has been called, I'm not terribly worried that we won't be able to convert a third down...I feel very much at peace with our ability to now manage our time on the field... all because we have a little RB that can work it out.

    The next 4 games are looking very exciting! Let's run the board and win the Division!!!

    Go Pack Go! Amen


Discussion in 'Packer Articles' started by ilovemypackers, Dec 7, 2010.

    1. Grave
    2. Kitten
      I can feel it not just from the running game but from everywhere. There is an energy with this team, you just feel it in the air when they play. I'm loving the running game, Starks was amazing! With all the talk about a running game on here it is nice to see some results. We have an excellent chance of winning the division out and advancing from there. I see something special in this team. A spark of spirit that could of dwindled and died but instead became a blaze that can warm all of Lambeau even under winter's mantle of snow. We have fallen, have dusted ourselves off and picked ourselves up. We continue to improve, emerge with running games, the road to the SB begins on such grounds. This team has the spirit of the champions and even if they don't win the SB, I shall cherish the memories of this season just the same.
    3. aaronqb
    4. robdog
      The Pack is hitting their stride at EXACTLY the right time. This is going to be nice to see the Packers firing on all cylinders come January and the intensity of playoff football.
    5. PackerFan87
      IT WAS 1 GAME

      I think people were so desperate to see anything of a run game they fell head over heels for Starks baha.:preach:
    6. ilovemypackers
      I admit it.. I was DESPERATE for any proof of a running game, just watching his college video game me goose bumps.. and when he tripled the production Jackson had last week... yep, head over heels!♥
    7. PackerFan87
      =] Yes! Don't get me wrong though I hope he gives defenses fits. Go Pack :chisux:
    8. IluvGB
      I see it as the first game as in indicator of what can be!!! Its exciting indeed! :biggrin:
    9. Jsouth1980
      Amen! GO PACK GO!!!!!!!!:detsux:
    10. GreenGoldAngel
      Gosh Kitten, you write like Dean Koontz. Have you ever had anything published?

      Sorry about my reference to you on my new sig...just made me laugh, it will disappear in a couple of years;)
    11. GreenGoldAngel
      Well we had 11 games of the alternative...why not get our hopes up?
    12. GreenGoldAngel
      I enjoy both your writing and your passion.

      Can you answer me a question? I have always loved movies about the Alamo, and in the 1970's I made a business trip to San Antonio. I could not believe the Alamo was so small. Is that just an old memory on my part? I would think the Mexican Army could have run it over in two days max.

      Did not enjoy the river walks, was hit be freezing rain and slipped and fell down about a dozen times. Of course that has no correlation to the number of beers consumed.

      Keep up your good work.

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