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  1. McKnowledge

    The Aaron Jones Show?!!!

    Aaron Jones is entering his 28th year of existence, and his 6th year in the NFL. 56 Total Touchdowns (41 Rushing & 12 Receiving) WOW!!! I think this is the year, where Aaron Jones establishes himself as a true dual threat RB a la McCaffrey. No matter the results of the draft or whatever...
  2. Bob Vance Refrigeration

    Fantasy Football Predictions/Thoughts

    Hey guys, we're almost in July and it's time for some fantasy football talk to begin. I'm a writer for FantasyPros.com and a number of other sites including packtothefure.com and LastWordOnProFootball.com and I like to try and get the public opinion on certain players or topics when researching...
  3. JLW_51

    The Future Is Up in the Air for Green Bay Packers Running Back Ty Montgomery

  4. JLW_51

    There are Some Positives Coming out of a Disappointing Green Bay Packers Season

    Who else should be added to this list? Season hasn't been what we thought, but I think there are some positives. http://lastwordonprofootball.com/2017/11/30/positives-coming-disappointing-green-bay-packers-season/
  5. JLW_51

    Green Bay Packers Momentum Needs to Carry On to Keep Their Playoff Hopes Alive

    Hoping that the Packers, especially Hundley, can continue to improve their play after beating the Bears last week. http://lastwordonprofootball.com/2017/11/17/green-bay-packers-momentum-needs-carry-keep-playoff-hopes-alive/

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