Studs n duds vs Niners


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Jan 19, 2013
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I agree with this.
While the camera angle can be deceptive, there are ways to get a better feel if you take the time and do the detective work.
I looked at both plays in a half dozen freeze frames and studied both plays. You can see the referee at the marker watching the play and it’s clear he’s positioned past line to gain on 4th down. On the next play he and the football are closer to a full yard away. Most often I’m not looking for excuses because often it’s a good call or a spot in our favor. Those 3rd/4th plays were both spots between 9”-15” approx. short. Twice in a row I’d call it a full yard between the 2 spots which is a crucial mistake .

What’s surprising to me is I’d have a sensor in the center of the ball. That censor has a known distance to either tip and radius to each side of the ball. The average should be calculated and applied to the Field of play. This shouldn’t take 10 seconds to alleviate. The Refs should be able to stay inside 1” shy of the tip spot with modern technology by watching the Sideline stick light at the top during any given spot. The Field Sideline Marker would be visual ti both Sidelines and most fans nearby.
Both sidelines have a field 1st down Marker that would light Green light at the top of the Stick the very millisecond it touches the sideline laser. Very similar to an electronic Stud finder mechanism.

We’re using 1952 technology in 2024 and it’s embarrassing imo. Wally and Beaver would agree
The furthest advancement of the tip of the ball is almost never parallel to the ground and/or perpendicular to a yard marker.

Just my thought


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Oct 30, 2012
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Madison, WI
It looks like I was dead wrong. Anybody got a good recipe for crow? lol

Grab a knife and fork and Scoot on in here, I am just sitting down to my plate for predicting only 5 wins!

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