NFL Weekly Prediction Contest Week 18



Jun 11, 2012
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No surprises here, Milani held on to his commanding lead to win the BIG PRIZE (see below), of bragging rights.:p
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An honorable mention to Voyaguer who got over 66% of his picks correct. No one else was close to that. However, he lacked any correct scores, where milani locked in 5 Bingos to help salt away his win.

A lot of fun was had, which is really what this is about. Perhaps we will get a few more players out for the Packer Forum Playoff Picks Contest, which will be posted soon. Go Packers!


Player Wk-pts Rec Bingos Tpts

Milani 8-8 60 167-105 5 1780
Poppa San 10-6 70 165-107 3 1520
Voyaguer 11
-5 75 180-92 0 1400
Cdn Cheddar 10-6 70 153-103 1 1230
OldSchool101 8-8 60 48-31 1 485
Tynimiller No picks 31-18 1 350
lambeaulambo No picks 39-24 0 275
Melvin dangerr No picks 11-5 0 75
Pike Badger No picks 14-18 0 70
Budman No picks 9-7 0 65

Bingos are correct score predictions.

There may be mistakes in the above calculations. If there are any discrepancies in scoring requiring correction, we will forward them to the accounting firm of Peterson, Foster, Olsen (PFO) who will audit your request. They really will.
I know I sacrificed a pick Sunday but the Karma said that if I pick the Bears the Pack would win. And they did! This game was very reminiscent of a Halas-Lombardi game. Not many points, tooth and nail, and lot of jawing and taunting. Surprisingly, few penalties. Great season for all.


Nov 10, 2021
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It was a lot of fun. Congrats to everyone. It was a good competition. Thanks to all of you who worked so hard in keeping it running all year. Next year we need to get more people involved. I don't think they understand what they're missing.

Now, on to the playoffs!
Aug 16, 2014
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Some envy though, 4th place kinda sucks.:sick:
I once handed out 4 place awards across about 20 salespeople. When I got to #4 I said “and finally honorable mention.. in last place is … … “ and then handed him his prize
That guy reminded me how bad that sounded later, but it got a laughter from everyone, so my ineptitude turned into a hit!

@Canadian Cheddar
If I might, for Oldschool sake.. I would like to announce that you are definitely the worst of the bestest, but #2 in my book :laugh:

Don’t feel bad. I’m the best of the worstest :eek:

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