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Apr 18, 2009
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Last week1. Green Bay Packers1Won't feel much at home in Buffalo.2. New England Patriots2Got eye on home-field prize.3. Denver Broncos3Have taken up running.4. Seattle Seahawks5The 49ers' worst nightmare.5. Arizona Cardinals6QB wanted: talent optional.6. Philadelphia Eagles4Got Dallas where it wants them.7. Dallas Cowboys7Got Philly where it needs them.8. Indianapolis Colts8Own Texans outright.9. Detroit Lions9Pretending Vikings are Packers.10. Baltimore Ravens12May score on Jags during coin flip11. Pittsburgh Steelers13Even Freud stumped on these guys.12. San Diego Chargers11Got to beat the best to be best.13. Cincinnati Bengals10D better be Johnny on the spot.14. Miami Dolphins14Flippers don't work in the cold.15. San Francisco 49ers15Got shipwrecked in East Bay.16. Buffalo Bills16Orton keeps coming up short.17. Cleveland Browns17Would settle for Johnny Firstdown. 18. Kansas City Chiefs18Want Raiders to be Raiders again.19. Houston Texans19Sending out high Wattage alert.20. Minnesota Vikings23Still in 2015 playoff hunt.21. St. Louis Rams20Read own clips during timeouts.22. Atlanta Falcons22Excelling in the two-man game.23. New Orleans Saints21Two Ls from clinching NFC South.24. New York Giants26Not eliminated from watching playoffs.25. Chicago Bears24Fans support Trestman — leaving.26. Carolina Panthers27Newton in more danger in pocket.27. Washington 25Gruden deserves mercy firing.28. Oakland Raiders32Reached goals for 2014.29. Tennessee Titans29Scoreboard shut off during games.30. New York Jets30Rex soon to be ex.31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers28Have fallen out of college top 25.32. Jacksonville Jaguars31Will enroll in Football 101.


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