Favre to hold flag football game

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Brett Favre will hold a flag football game at Camp Randall Stadium on July 19, a day after being inducted in the Packers HOF.

As of now Mark Chmura, andre Rison, Javon Walker and Frank Winters are confirmed to play on Favre's Packers team while Donovan McNabb will quarterback the opponent on which Ron Dayne will play as well.


Dec 20, 2014
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Chewie an the Ol' bag o' donuts I can see, but Rison and Walker? Didn't rison have some choice words for the Packers after they "used" him to win the super bowl and then left him, and I remember Favre telling Walker he signed a contract, play.


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Dec 10, 2004
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Oshkosh, WI
Rison claims to have taken his Super Bowl ring and tossed it into a river or lake or somesuch. Yeah... "Bad Moon Rison" ... but he sure played an integral part during the '96 season. Of course the Packers "used" him ... and he "used" them ... he'd have been sitting out on the scrap heap watching the season otherwise - seems no one else wanted him as I recall.

Ahhh yeah ... "Bag O' Doughnuts" -- one of my favorites.... and then;

Chewie --- wouldn't go to the White House after the Super Bowl win because he had problems with the morals of Bill Clinton. The clown was such an a-hole and it's no cowinkydink that he was a regular on the Rush Limbaugh show. :)

Many years back, Brett, Bag O' Doughnuts and Chmura used to frequent a tavern on College Ave in Appleton - there was some speculation that they actually owned or had a part ownership in this tavern at the time - preceding Brett's admission to having an addiction. Watched Brett get poured into a cab 3-4 times in Appleton. Not being critical here, he was a young guy...young guys do that stuff.

Anyway, I worked in Appleton and a buddy of mine and I used to go to this place on Thursday nights after work for a few. One night, we walked in, Brett was sitting at the end of the bar and looked pretty washed out...Frank appeared to be 'standing guard' if you will. Chumura was, not surprisingly, over by the Foosball tables where there were a group of women. He was drunk, feeling up a woman who didn't much like it apparantly ... because she got toe-to-toe with him, slapping his face, alternating from his right to left cheek ... maybe five, six times ... his hands never left her boobs. She finally face-palmed him and pushed him away. Kind of comical really. Anyway...


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Mar 7, 2005
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Was at a private party where franky was really lit up and was grabbing stuff he shoulnt have been

This was AFTER his playing days

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