2015 Schedule Early Raw Predictions


Sep 30, 2013
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After last night's occasion and already feeling ready for some football, decided I'd go head and take an early stab at this season's outcome. We got quite the schedule on our hands and I think we're in good shape to go about 13-3 this year, give or take one or 2. This is about what I'm calling it.

Wk 1 - At Chicago (W) - At some point John Fox might turn the Bears' ship around from that trainwreck it was last year, but for right now his hands and the rest of the team's hands are still tied to Jay Cutler. And with Brandon Marshall now gone and an oft-injured Eddie Royal to replace him, I don't see the mess ending week 1 for the Bears. I expect this game will be much closer than that flat out 55-14 whoopin we gave em last year, but I still think this is ours.

Wk 2 - Seattle (W) - As I figured it would be, Sunday night, Lambeau crowd, perfect opportunity to exorcize the demon right here. While they did add Jimmy Graham, they lost Byron Maxwell and a few others, they don't have the twelfth man. I think this one'll be close and we'll get all we can handle from them, but I think we'll beat them in a marquee matchup.

Wk 3 - Kansas City (W) - There are really only 2 players that got me worried about this team, Jamal Charles and Tamba Hali. Apart from them if we can take those 2 out of their game, I think we can put up some good numbers against the Chiefs' D and force a bad game out of Alex Smith. He's only beaten us once in his career and the other times we've made a ham sandwich out of him.

Wk 4 - At San Francisco (W) - I'm of the belief this 49er team is in big trouble right now. Harbaugh left that team in bad shape with a QB whose play was declining so bad he lost to the Raiders, and now Frank Gore and Michael Crabtree are also out of there and I don't think the additions of shiparounds like Reggie Bush, Antoine Bethea, or even Torrey Smith are gonna make up for that. Anquon Boldin isn't what he used to be and I'm not even sure Vernon Davis is anymore. Tomsula's unproven and he's got a lot of work on his hands to fix this team, I just got a feeling our team is going to be in the middle of playing good football while visiting Levi's as SF is in another bad spell like they were before Harbaugh came.

Wk 5 - St Louis (W) - I think this game could be closer than some might anticipate. I think the Rams got the better end of the deal on that Foles-Bradford trade, and I think they could be a little tougher this year than some people think, Trey Mason certainly is a good RB and they have some pass rushers that can cause problems, but I think we'll take it in a close one.

Wk 6 - San Diego (W) - I think this could be another shootout like the last game we played against these guys, but with a slightly bigger margin of victory for us this time. At this point, I just have to wonder if Phillip Rivers's window hasn't about closed and Mike McCoy shouldn't start QB shopping again, or at least soon. Malcolm Floyd has been a constant injury liability for them and their RB and WR barns have just been a constant turnstyle. They're gonna have to get better stability than that to move forward.

Wk 8 - At Denver (L) - I'd really love to see us knock Peyton down hard in his own house but I just don't think it's gonna happen. I think we'll give their defense all they can handle, but I just got that feeling it's gonna be one too many plays that they make. Here's to hoping differently though.

Wk 9 - At Carolina (L/W) - Kinda hard to call at this point, they got a pretty tough defense and if the good Cam Newton comes to play, they may not be an easy out, plus if we're reeling from a loss, they might have us at the right time. This game's a wildcard.

Wk 10 - Detroit (W) - Well I guess you wonder how much longer does a streak of 23 straight years losing in Lambeau continue? There's no doubt in my mind Detroit has gotten better. Caldwell may have proven that their days of coach-searching are over now, or for the time-being, but I don't think that streak is done just yet.

Wk 11 - At Minnesota (W) - The long wait for their new stadium is almost over, but they got one more year of playing at U of M. Teddy Bridgewater all things considered, didn't do too bad in his inaugural season as Viking's QB, but I just think this team is still one step out from being highly competitive. No doubt the return of Adrian Peterson may spark some fire under the team, but I just don't think it'll be enough yet.

Wk 12 - Chicago (W) - For the first time ever I believe, the Packers will be playing someone not named the Lions on Thanksgiving Day and .... it will be at Lambeau Field too. The Bears may have grown a bit by this point in the season but if it is still Cutler starting at QB for them, him on prime time football usually means Packer W.

Wk 13 - At Detroit (L) - I just think for now the Lions are our toughest competition in the north, and while I think we take one, I don't think it'll be both. It'll be close but I think the silver and blue prevail on the NFLN game we get.

Wk 14 - Dallas (W) - I expect this to be another dramatic win for us that's got some drama in it, though hopefully not another stupid controversy like the overturned catch play last playoffs. I do think this could have seeding implications though and unless the Cowboys go back to their old ways, which they've certainly done before and could do again, I think we'll take em but in a close battle again.

Wk 15 - At Oakland (W) - Not really too much to say here, it's the Oakland Raiders. Until someone not in the Davis family buys that team, they aren't going anywhere yet, as much as I like Derek Carr.

Wk 16 - At Arizona (L/W) - Well I can't discredit the job Arians has done as HC of this team. He's got another team with a physical defense and I think they'll challenge the Hawks for the West, contingent on one thing that I think will be the deciding factor in this one. If Carson Palmer and their array of starters can go through and remain standing, they'll be a tough out and I'll probably have to give them the edge here. If it's another Ryan Lindley guy playing by this point, this'll be ours.

Wk 17 - Minnesota (W) - At this point it just depends on where we sit in the playoff seedings. If we've locked up that first round bye and homefield advantage, we'll play Rodgers and the starters 1 half probably then sit them the rest of the way. If not, well it's still ours.

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