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    Bubba Franks article

    Thats too bad, hes a good TE although not a deep threat...we will def. miss him with no back ups currently and other needs needing to be attended to first!
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    I'll agree with u on that Sandra :puke: his armroll was never cool, and he looks like a moron everytime he does it! ON the topic of Barnett, i think he does celebrate too much but im glad he does show some emotion...He makes some amazing plays that only look average because he is stopping guys...
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    Ahmad Carrol practicing with boxing gloves...

    Thats good to hear, something needs to be done to break this annoying habit and if the gloves work then whoever thought it up is a genious....Carroll is getting good position lately but still thinking he needs to compensate for how poor his coverage used to be by grabbing players...he doesn't...
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    Falcons Win

    And even less after that dissapointing loss to the Jags....I went to it and froze my rear off for a dissapointing showing at best...The packers looked so much better, but no one deserves to win with that many turnovers!
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    Overhaul the D

    Packerbacker, i would have to agree with your personel moves in your first statement....This defense needs a huge facelift and getting rid of those guys would free up the cash to do it!
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    Pro Bowl Voting

    Hopefully we get some players in there, but besides Longwell i don't see any that really deserve it...?? :?
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    Next QB

    I would like and expect to see favre come back for atleast a season or two more...after that if we don't make any moves at a high draft pick i would be all for giving Nall a season to see what he can do...What i don't want to see is another team with a quarterback contraversy...If Nall is our...
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    I think a new coach would be overwhelmed with the fact that he is a new coach, so i wouldn't expect to see too many changes on the offensive side of the ball...Why fix what seems to be working...Our offense between the 20's seems to be working fine, but we need to implement a better redzone...
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    Ha, Mr. Anderson

    I'm just glad we managed to dump Anderson on the Raiders...I hate to say it but that guy was a real waste of space for our team, and he still gets burned more than not.
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    Brett Favre

    I think if we allow favre to have basically total control of the offense we have to accept mistakes like this as well...The goal-line interception was inexcusable but my gosh, some of those other throws he made were unbelievable, and the one that got picked off right out of drivers hands is our...
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    Ahman Green

    I think we keep Ahman Green...He runs like no other running back in the league...he keeps his shoulders square and body low, no one ever gets a solid shot on him in the open field and thats the key to longevity for a running back in the NFL...avoid all those hits...and green is very good at...
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    2005 Free Agency

    I don't know, I have no real complaints for barnett or walker, both of which were picked with recent draft picks...We need to improve our d-line and pick up a little help in the secondary...other than that the pack is looking pretty decent all around...there is just something missing on defense...
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    My new boss is a Queen fan!!!!!!

    Should be an exciting game, and hopefully you don't end up in the doghouse at work :) ha, enjoy the game everyone and enjoy the holidays as well.
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    All i gotta say is that "T.O. has B.O."...and a bum leg now, and as bad as it sounds he definitely deserves an injury most out of anyone in the NFL...Sucks for anyone to be injured....but i feel no real sympathy for T.O.
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    Bad day for the Pack

    Bad bad day, lets leave it at that and move on! PACK VS JAGS @ LAMBEAU

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