You guys wanna have some fun?


Dec 15, 2004
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Lambeau Midwest
Here at the Office, they ALL know that I run the local Packer Fan Club...
Some of the Employees actually stop by my desk and drop off Packers items for me to take home and add to my Shrine... :p

But we have this one younger kid, who (as it happens) is stuck in a wheel chair - but he's makin' the best of a bad situaiton.. and (oh yeah) He's a Bears Fan! So, usually the football season is the best time of year around the Office for obvious reasons.... :twisted:

So, after he checks out our Club web site - - which has about two years of stuff built up -- he decides he wants to do the same, since it's free on MSN Groups to do these things... Well, I helped get him going... and he now has his own Bears Fan web site group on MSN Groups. We (I) set him up with a naming convention which is a play on words....
It's called the Hoosier Bear Fan Club ( I know you guys get this)
Here's the link --
The guy's name is Brian and he "is" a good kid... but I surely like giving him the business each and every week... like he gave me after our Home Opener... So, you're ALL invited to drop by and submit to join... heheh...Help yourselves!


Dec 11, 2004
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Barrie, Ontario, Canada
IPB do you ever visit he has some great flash videos on there in the rockwood section. It might not be appropriate but the one he had made last week for the Bears had an image of the Bears "C" done up to look like a wheelchair. If Brian has a sense of humour about his disability as a friend of mine did maybe it would be something funny to tease him with and if not then I am totally not "PC" for making this post.


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