WTF! Vegas Odds.

Robin Yount

Jun 2, 2005
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Why in God's name are the Vikings 10/1 and we still sit at 12/1 to go to the Superbowl.

They lost Randy Moss and added a bunch of has beens. We added Bates and lost nothing.

At the very least we should have remained even up with them at 12/1.

Now only they and the Falcons sit at 10/1 with the Eagles at 4/1.

Bookies . . . .another group that Favre gets to prove wrong again!


Jul 28, 2005
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South Carolina
Vegas doesn't much care how good or bad a team is. They adjust their odds based on the bets that are placed (or anticpated bets placed) in order to assure them that 1/2 will win and 1/2 will lose... and they will gain.

The national opinion (from an outsider looking in without much of a Minny/GB bias) is that the addition of Troy Williamson, the emergence of Jermaine Wiggins (I like the guy... a former Panther and Patriot), and the return of Nate Burleson and Marcus Robinson is sufficient. Their running game is decent and Culpepper seems to accumulate yardage and TDs no matter who is catching his passes.

On defense the additions of Fred Smoot, Napoleon Harris, Sam Cowart, and Darren Sharper will improve a sub par defense. They do have a decent defensive line and the secondary is much improved with Smoot and Sharper (Smoot in particular).

The loss of Chris Hovan is an improvement as you well know. Randy Moss was talented, but also didn't do much for team chemistry, and a team (see New England) will beat a bunch of individually talented players (see New Orleans) any day.

Green Bay on the other hand is viewed as such: "Brett is a year older," the same thing that has been said for the past three or four years.

They lost Marco Rivera and Mike Wahle from a stud OL. That translates into a significant slide.

And the loss of Sharper gives the appearance of a suspect defense losing one of its "better" players. Granted the addition of Arturo Freeman may be a lateral move, but many aren't familiar with the former Gamecock.

Actually, most national opinions are that you made no real improvements and lost significantly particularly along the offensive line and experience in the secondary.

Then your first round pick was spent on a bench warmer and clipboard holder. Maybe Nick Collins will pan out. But last year's first rounder Ahmad Carroll may not even start this season due to lack of performance.

I like Carroll as a former Razorback myself, but your draft class is considered weak and you lost 2 if not 3 key free agents and added no one to replace them. Nationally, people want you to prove that the decisions you made were the right ones.

They are simply giving Minnesota the benefit of the doubt becasue they did address a few needs in the draft and free agency.

*NOTE: This does not necessarily reflect my opinion. Just answering your question as to why you are greater odds than Minny. However, in another post I did have Minny winning the division and GB fighting out one of the wild card spots. Both teams should finish with similar records.