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Wow, 49'ers VP about this draft, Wolf, and a key test

Discussion in 'Green Bay Packers Fan Forum' started by CaliforniaCheez, Dec 31, 2005.

  1. CaliforniaCheez

    CaliforniaCheez Cheesehead

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    Apr 13, 2005
    Citrus Heights CA
    I saw a short interview on my local FSN with Scot McCloughan VP of Player Personnel for the 49ers. I included some details on him at the end of this post (like he was hired by Wolf as a Packer Scout). He said some interesting things:

    1) Generally, in the draft there is quality to about the 10th pick of the 5th round. To that point they are all good quality players and SHOULD be productive with their teams for several years. ( I thought of Tauscher and Driver)

    2) With the internet and intense scouting by every team, there aren't any players that other teams haven't scouted or know( I immediately thought about how the Chiefs picked up on Samkon Gado).

    3) This year's draft has lots of good quality linebackers. A J Hawk of Ohio State is in his opinion the best and despite so many quality linebackers, Hawk has a chance to be a top 10 pick. (Good LB's in lower rounds!)

    4) When he was with the Packers, Wolf began testing prospects with a test called RHP (At least thats what I think he said. What it stands for I don't know) It is a psychological test to determine a players attitude, toughness, leadership, propensity to drug or alcohol problems, etc. When he went to Seattle(with the rest of the gang) they brought it there, and he uses it now in San Francisco.

    5) He said when draft picks didn't succeed and were cut the Seattle, the staff would review why a guy did not work out. The RHP results were usually right on(very high corelation). The problem is that some decision makers get to like the play and physical abilities of the player and ignore the RHP. McCloughan said he relies on the RHP heavily. (I thought of Marshall)

    6) As an example he said the 49ers had a chance to pick up Koren Robinson this season but did not. McCloughan said he knew Robinson's problems and the indicators were in his initial draft prospect RHP test results. He might have chanced it if they had a veteran locker room with lots of guys for support and leadership. The 49ers are a young rebuilding team and with the absence of veteran support Robinson might fail with the Niners. (I know little of Rod Gardner but he came to mind I don't know why)

    7) The 49ers scouts' final scouting reports on all college players are due the first week of January. They spend the rest of the month putting their draft board together so they know what it looks like when free agency starts.

    8) He was not asked about the combine and did not say anything about adjusting their board after February 1. He gave the impression it was pretty well set. (I thought of the scoffers who laughed at the picture of Sherman sleeping at the combine)

    Ted Thompson is never this open or talkative!!

    This is the first I heard of this RHP test which the NFL does not give. It is not part of the combine like the Wonderlic. I learned at least 3 teams use it.

    Do the Packers still use this test now that Wolf is gone?? Did Ted Thompson bring it back from Seattle?
    Does anyone know any details of this test?
    This psychological test does not sound like a fad having been around at least 10 years. This guy is the son of a scout, a former scout, a Ron Wolf student and coworker with Ted Thompson in Seattle, and an enthusiastic true believer in this RHP test.
    I sure would like to know more about this test if anyone knows about it.

    From 49ers' web site:

    Scot McCloughan, in first season with the 49ers, was named Vice-President of Player Personnel of the team on February 2, 2005.
    McCloughan will manage the college scouting and pro personnel departments. He will oversee all aspects of player personnel; the draft, free agency, trades and re-signings.

    McCloughan is the chief liaison with the coaching staff and works with Head Coach, Mike Nolan, in determining the team’s needs and desires. McCloughan also works with the management team with respect to CBA compliance and is the team’s main conduit for all high-level issues. Additionally, he works closely with Director of Football Operations Paraag Marathe, on all salary cap decisions.

    McCloughan, 34, brings experience, knowledge and an NFL lifeline to the top of the 49ers personnel department. For the last five seasons, McCloughan has served as the Director of College Scouting for the Seattle Seahawks. Since taking over that post in 2001, 25 of 28 draft choices remain on the team and will report to training camp in July, including six projected starters.

    Prior to joining the Seahawks, he was a college scout with the Green Bay Packers from 1996-99, under the direction of Ron Wolf.

    Evaluating talent has almost come naturally to McCloughan as he was practically born into the profession. His father, Kent, has been a college scout for the Oakland Raiders for 29 years. His brother, David, is the 49ers’ Director of College Scouting.

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