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Why the pack continues down the slippery slope

Discussion in 'Green Bay Packers Fan Forum' started by PACKATTACK4, Oct 9, 2005.


    PACKATTACK4 Cheesehead

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    Oct 8, 2005
    :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

    Open up your eyes wide pack fans because the problem has been Mike "coach fat a$$" Sherman. He has led the pack right down the slippery slope for five years and right now they are a product of his fine coaching. Think about the last five years and all the consistencies in his coaching. The pack always seems to be out coached, there are rarely any adjustments made during the game, and the same mistakes are made every game(Green's fumbling, Carroll's interference, too many people on the field, holding, offsides). What has the coach done to address these problems :shock: :shock: :shock: . Can't be much because they still happen. Think of the great coaches. Lombardi noticed Travis Williams had a fumbling problem, What did he do ? He gave Williams a football with handles on it and said I don't want to see you with out this ball or I will fine you. Why do we have Green? Holmgren could not tolerarte his fumbling. Mistakes will kill you in big ball games. The great coaches will either get the player to improve or ship them out.
    Sherman lacks the knowledge to focus on the details that make a team great. Jim McMahon had told me how impressed he was at Holmgren's attention to detail. He said they were running goal line offense at the three yard line and Holmgren was standing back at about the 25, the ball was ready to be hiked and Holmgren blew his whistle and told everyone to freeze. He walked up to the left guard and said your right foot is out of position it needs to be a couple of inches back, you will be a half of a step slow getting there and the play will not work. He removed all the players, had the guard runs his pull five times by himself, and then put the rest of the team in to run the play. McMahon told me this was the most impressed he had ever been by a coach and this was from 20 yards away he noticed the problem. Check around you will hear similar stories about coaches who have won superbowls. You will not hear any about Big Mike.
  2. yooperfan

    yooperfan Cheesehead

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    Dec 4, 2004
    Michigans Upper Peninsula
    Oh really!!! You must be a Packer historian who would be the best GM in the NFL.

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