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Who is over reacting

Discussion in 'The Atrium' started by longtimefan, Aug 17, 2011.


Which would be your view

Poll closed Aug 21, 2011.
  1. She shouldnt have to be reminded every day

    5 vote(s)
  2. She is 11 yrs old and needs to be remidned every day

    3 vote(s)
  1. Raptorman

    Raptorman Vikings fan since 1966.

    Aug 31, 2006
    Simple solution, she is no longer able to drink in her room. Or, let them pile up until there are no more cups available. Or, as she leaves them clean them and make them unavailable, eventually you will run out of cups to use. And when she asks for one, ask her to go to room and get one since that is were they all are. One of those should work.

    Another option, for each dirty cup she has in her room take something of value away from her. I pod, TV privileges. And not for one day, make it like 3 days. Works like a charm with my 7 year old. The first thing is usually not a big issue with them, but by the time you have taken away 3 things, it gets to them real fast. Only thing is both parents have to be able to deal with it or you are just spinning your wheels. Good luck.

    And of course, the praise when she does it right, very important. You catch more bees with honey, but every once in a while you need to smoke the bees to get the honey.

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