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Who’s the starter at fullback?

Discussion in 'Packer Fan Forum' started by Zero2Cool, Sep 30, 2005.

  1. Zero2Cool

    Zero2Cool I own a website

    Dec 11, 2004
  2. tromadz

    tromadz Cheesehead

    Aug 15, 2005
    Man...I dunno. I like Willie...this whole situation stinks
  3. ArizonaPackerFan

    ArizonaPackerFan Cheesehead

    Dec 14, 2004
    Below is a blurb from Jsonline today on the subject.

    Eric Baranczyk, a former player at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse and a former college and high school coach, has joined Packer Insider to offer a weekly analysis of the Green Bay Packers. Here is this week's installment.

    "I thought Vonta Leach looked really good. That opening series, he put a linebacker right on his back. Obviously, Henderson had that fumble that led to a touchdown. But on TV, he looks like he’s broke. He’s not starting. I don’t know if they gave him that ball to appease him. But woosh! That fumble was a backbreaker. And I haven’t seen any big blocks out of him. He’s not like the old Henderson: Those neck-breaking blocks where he’d just smash guys."

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