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Was it the right move in letting Wahle go?

Discussion in 'Packer Fan Forum' started by ArizonaPackerFan, Oct 5, 2005.

  1. ArizonaPackerFan

    ArizonaPackerFan Cheesehead

    Dec 14, 2004
    Against the Packers, the Panthers rushed for 90 yards on 33 carries, a 2.7 average.

    This year the Panthers are averaging 3.3 yards a carry with Wahle. Last year they averaged 3.7 yards a carry without Wahle.

    I don't know for sure if these stats are telling the whole story, but I thought they were kind of interesting considering the importance a lot of us were placing on the loss of Wahle. I think the loss of Wahle is hurting us, but at the same time I'm not sure if Carolina is getting their moneys worth considering how much money they threw at Wahle.

    From Bob McGinn tonight:

    "Even Cullen Jenkins (30), the smallest of the three tackles, hung tough. He blew past Mike Wahle to halt Stephen Davis for minus-4 and then forced Wahle into a holding penalty to negate a 7-yard run. "
  2. DeusNova

    DeusNova Cheesehead

    Aug 12, 2005

    Thompson needs to rebuild.

    He has three years (including the current season) to shape them into contenders.

    It took Marvin Lewis three years to put his team into contender status. The Packers are in better shape then the bengals were in Lewis' first year.
  3. IPBprez

    IPBprez Cheesehead

    Dec 14, 2004
    There's absolutely NO WAY the Packers could have afforded to keep Mike Wahle... NONE!

    And, while he was a great player while with our Team - he also had certain other players in the mix and the chemistry was a great fit. Now, he's having to learn where a chemistry might be, with a new team. That part will take time, and may not even happen this year... If I were John Fox, I'd already be listing my options for the O-Line next year, around Wahle.

    The Packers will recover and survive the loss of those two players - I mean, really,...look at Dallas - how well is Rivera doing? Dallas isn't exactly lighting the world on fire on Offense! They were picked early on to make the Playoffs - but is that because of Parcells' notoriety, or what?

    We have been in Salary Cap Hell for the last two years, at the very least - something had to give, period! Eventually, we'll be losing #4, so that will be another hard one to handle... But, we'll get thru it...

    I remember when we lost Majik Man - I was devastated - it was like, "WOW, now what are we gonna do?" We had quite a few great players on the team back then - remember Tim Harris, Mr. Six-gun?, on Defense?

    Also - Remember, back then, Favre was a complete unknown, a random quantity and even into his 2nd year - Holmgren was ready to "bench the guy".. so, let's keep things on a level reality here...

    I'm not gonna banter too much about the Team as a whole, in a bad light -- as my last couple of postings will attest ---- but it seems everyone else is constantly saying we have NO talent anywhere - except Favre - and that would be wrong... We do have talent, it's just that most of our Players this year, are of a younger variety than before - the percentage of veterans has dwindled somewhat - so, it's very logical to have some issues with Rookies learning how to play football all over again - it ain't College!

    I'm a Packers Acolyte - not relagating things with a focus on only one player - ala Dan Marino.... Lord how I hate that... People come up to chat about the Packers and all they talk about is Brett.... sorta sad to see so many with tunnelvision - they do the same with Michael Vick or Culpepper or McNabb - real sad!

  4. wpr

    wpr Cheesehead

    Jun 3, 2005
    Mike would have made what 11 million this year with GB. No way they could have paid him that much.
  5. TOPackerFan

    TOPackerFan Cheesehead

    Dec 8, 2004
    You don't pay $12 million in guaranteed money to a guard. Ever! Period!
  6. Zero2Cool

    Zero2Cool I own a website

    Dec 11, 2004

    That is a fact.

    Wahle and Rivera both stated they (Packers) could no way have offered anything close to what their teams offered them. Anyone who wants to blame TT for 'letting' them go should perhaps read more into cap structure and view the amount the Panthers and Cowboys offered each of those respected players.

    I too thought at first it was a foolish move to not sign atleast Wahle until I did some research and realized it was just a tough break for the Packers.
  7. HatestheEagles084

    HatestheEagles084 Cheesehead

    Apr 22, 2005
    whitticker must have impressed a lot of people during pre season to start, as a 7th round pick...he looked semi-solid when i paid attention to the line monday night...no false start penalties...i'm confident we've got one guard spot sewn up with this kid...klemm on the other hand...it wasnt the best idea to bring him in and shift him away from his natural position, i'm all for starting ruegamer asap

    you can blame sherman the GM for this...he should've recognized that both our guards would be up for a lot of coin after '04 and he should've drafted for a possible future replacement instead of selecting a punter...you have to look at what the eagles did...lost troy vincent and bobby taylor in the same year, had lito sheppard and sheldon brown waiting in the wings...

    we have the same thing this season possibly...ahman green is a free agent as is najeh davenport, (is tony fisher too?--might be an RFA)...if they both go to other places (we dont have an overabundance of cap space and needs of other positions) tony fisher will start and no one backs up...the talent pool at running back was HUGE last april, i said then we should've drafted solid back day two--a guy like brandon jacobs, ciatrick fason, or marion barber around the 4th round instead of drafting guys like poppinga and underwood to consume bench space

    i know its in the past, just getting it off my chest, because this RB conundrum could sneak up on management and i hope thompson has something up his sleave or this will spiral down quickly

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