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Discussion in 'The Atrium' started by all about da packers, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. all about da packers

    all about da packers Cheesehead

    Jun 5, 2005
    Packerforum name:vikesrule
    Real name: Nick
    Age: 56
    Current City: Rochester MN
    Hometown: Rochester MN
    Occupation: Electrical Engineer

    1) How did you choose your screen name?

    Just picked a name that I thought would "pee in Packer Fans cheerios".
    In hindsight, not very creative. Not like 4thand26, now that is cool.
    I should have went with something like TJ Rubley.

    2) Could you tell us a little about where you grew up and about your family?

    I grew up in Rochester MN.
    I have one son who is 27 years old, and is a Computer Engineer. He is also a Carolina Panthers Fan (go figure). His fiance comes from a cheesehead family. So her father and I will be having some issues with our grandchildren, but I shall prevail and keep these young ones from the Darkside.
    I have 2 sisters and 2 brothers.

    3) Did you play in any sports or where you involved with any High School clubs and such?

    In high school, played football through my sophmore year. I had always played the line and not being that big I decided to concentrate on my one really good sport, swimming.
    Went to State in my junior and senior years.

    4) What is your fondest memory of your teenage years?

    Girls in mini skirts!!!! Always been a leg man. Also worked as a lifeguard, got paid to wear "mirror" sunglasses and keep an eye on the nubile young ladies.

    5) What was your first job?

    Lifequard...it was a great gig for a teenage guy. Reminds of something funny. When my son first saw those pictures of me back then, He said "Wow Dad, you were buff....what happened?" (smartass..wonder where he got that!)

    6) What lead to your dedicated following of the Packers?

    Packers?? Bwaahaaa, now that's some funny stuff.
    I've been a Vikings Fan since the mid 60's when my Dad took me to games at the old Metropolitan Stadium.
    Football outdoors, where it should be.

    7) Could you tell us one of your favorite memories of the Packers?

    Oh, perhaps the 70's and 80's. And of course the Play Off game in January 2005..Vikings-Packers where good ole Randy Moss blew the Packer fans a kiss.

    8.) How did you find the Packerforum and what keeps you active on the site?

    I googled "Football Challenged Fans" and PF.com was right there. (j/k)
    Seriously I do not recall how or why I found this site.
    I was kind of a "Richard Head" when I first joined,and I apologize for that.
    Probably what kept me coming back was learning that Packer Fans are really regular folks, just with "misguided fanhood". That, and learning about other fans view points.
    The main reason is that some of the people on here I have come to consider as "friends that I have never met".

    9) What other sports teams do you follow?

    Just the Vikings mainly, with a minor interest in the "Twinkies"

    10) When you’re not on Packerforum what could you likely be found doing with your spare time?

    Golf, reading, and I do volunteer work with local substance abuse organizations.
    As a long time (26 years) recovering alcoholic, it has become a very important part of my life to try to help others that suffer from addictions.

    11) If you could have one moment being part of the Packer organization, what would it be?

    Take it over and sell it to Jerry Jones.

    12) How many trips have you made to Lambeau?

    None. However I would really like to go sometime. One of my brothers has been there several times, and he said that it is the best football stadium that he ever been to. And coming from him that is a strong statement, as he has been coaching football for a long time.

    13) What is your worst fear?

    #1 That something bad would happen to my son.
    #2 Unfortunately it has been realized, that is young men and women keep dying in war.

    14) What type of hobbies do you enjoy?

    Besides Golf, I am an avid hiker and I also enjoy woodworking.

    15) What’s your favorite food?

    Seefood...see food, like it. But nothing beats a great porterhouse steak, and a baked potato loaded with butter and sour cream.

    16) Where are some of the places you’ve been, and where are some of your favorites.

    In the US, just about everywhere except the northeastern states.
    Other countries: Phillipines, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Kenya, Somolia, Vietnam, and my favorite, Australia.

    17) What is one thing you've always wanted to do, but haven't done yet in your lifetime?

    Just hang it all up, move to a tropical Island, live off of fish and coconuts and chase naked native women.

    18) If you could live anywhere where would it be?

    See # 17

    19) Name your favorite 5 Packers all time and explain the reason.

    Ha! Well here are three of them
    TJ Rubley - best Packers QB ever, Packers let him go way too soon.
    Tony Mandarich - best #1 draft pick the Packers ever made.
    Dan Devine - Best trade making coach the Packers ever had.

    20) Up to this date, what is one of your favorite Packerforum memories?

    There too many to nail it down to one. The "intellectual exchanges" with cheesey, the banter with many others, and learning good things from some very knowledgeable people.

    21) Anything else you’d like to say?

    My life after High School in a nutshell:

    Joined the US Navy in May of 1970 and after training, I was attached to a Naval helicopter attack squadron located in the Mekong Delta, South Vietnam.
    I was a crew chief/door gunner on Huey gunships, I'll leave it at that.
    I then spent 5 more years in the Navy, took college courses, and got to see a lot of the world.

    Then I worked in commercial aviation for a couple of start up airlines as an Avionics Techncian (A/P license), I also finished college and receicevd my BSEE degree.

    I went from that, to teaching at a Community College in Northern Minnesota (Aviation Maintenance Techonolgy).
    I was also fortunate enough to participate in an Instructor Exchange Program, where I went to Northern Michigan University for brief time.
    I also did post-graduate work, and received my MSEE degree.

    Finally, got out of aviation (too many ups and downs in that industry) and put my training to use as an Electrical Engineer. Where I work with Industrial Machine Motion Control systems, Human-Machine Interface Systems and Lasers.

    22) Who do you nominate to be the next PF Interview?

    I would have to say IronMan/MidwestFavreFan/decentguyforacheesehead.
  2. cheesey

    cheesey Cheesehead

    Nov 24, 2005
    1) "Pee in my Cheerios???" (So THATS why they yaste so "nutty!)
    5) Lifeguard.......The Vikings could have used you on that boat a couple years ago!!!
    As far as your son.......we KNOW where he got it from!!! :lol:
    11) Now THAT made me laugh!!! :lol:
    17) I heard there's a boat leaving Hawaii in a few days named "The Minnow". Just call (212) 555-1234, and ask for "Gilligan".
    20) "Intellectual exchanges"........ with ME!?!?! :shock: :lol:

    GREAT interview Vikes!!! :D
    You had me laughing several times! You didn't let me down!!!
  3. IronMan

    IronMan Cheesehead

    Nov 23, 2006
    Well thats going to be a tough act to follow! Good interview Vikes. :thumbsup: And thanks for the nomination. :beer:
  4. Packers_Finland

    Packers_Finland Cheesehead

    Sep 22, 2006
    I actually think this is the interview where I've laughed most while reading. Especially the selling it to Jerry Jones part.
  5. PackOne

    PackOne Cheesehead

    Apr 23, 2006
    Nice one, good nomination. Like having you here.
  6. MontanaBob

    MontanaBob Cheesehead

    Feb 27, 2006
    Great interview Vikes. I'm glad I nominated you. I didn't realize you were almost an old foggy like me, but hey, us old guys got what it takes.
    Glad to know you and learn something about you.
  7. NodakPaul

    NodakPaul Cheesehead

    Apr 3, 2008
    This is interesting. We do almost the exact same thing on PP.O - even the interview questions are the same. Literally, just swap out Packers with Vikings. ;)

    We've been doing ours since December. When did you guys start?
  8. Pack93z

    Pack93z You retired too? .... Not me. I'm in my prime

    Aug 1, 2005
    VR.. The one interview I have been waiting for, your an interesting soul, albeit I am somewhat depressed.. no more of a clue to whom you are on the PPO. :lol:

    Thanks for the excellent read and getting to know more about you.. you and my father in law would get along great.. he worked his entire career as an Aviational Engineer (Mostly fighter planes) and now is retired and golfs as much as he can.

    Thanks again.

    NodakPaul - The idea came from over there, I even asked permission of the creators. :) It is a great way to enhance the community, not a bad idea for a bunch of Viking fans.
  9. NodakPaul

    NodakPaul Cheesehead

    Apr 3, 2008
    LOL. I don't know if Ned (or Badlands) actually came up with it either. I thought they got it from another forum, I was just wondering if this was the one. :D

    I agree though, it is a great way to get to know people!
  10. longtimefan

    longtimefan Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    Mar 6, 2005
    to funny!!!!
  11. Zombieslayer

    Zombieslayer Cheesehead

    Aug 12, 2006
    Australia? You aren't Lex Luthor, are you?

    And EE & a Vikings fan? Wow, must be a masochist. ;)

    Great read. :)
    Nice to meet you finally.
  12. Greg C.

    Greg C. Cheesehead

    May 31, 2005
    Hey, you once taught at Northern Michigan University! That's my alma mater, and I happen to live a block away from the NMU campus right now. I bought this house last year.

    I hope you enjoyed your time in Marquette. I like it here, myself.
  13. Heatherthepackgirl

    Heatherthepackgirl Cheesehead

    Nov 22, 2005
    Very funny Vikesrule!! Im so glad your on this site, great interview!!
  14. Raider Pride

    Raider Pride Cheesehead

    Jul 17, 2005
    "Joined the US Navy in May of 1970 and after training, I was attached to a Naval helicopter attack squadron located in the Mekong Delta, South Vietnam."

    God Bless You! Thank You!

    I have a friend of mine (Now passed away.) who was in the 9th that chewed some of the same mud you were flying over. You may have saved his grunt *** and not even know it. Mekong was a hell hole, and I can not imagine humping it through the mud and 7 foot tall elephant grass.

    This is ironic that I read this today. You see, every time I go into a city for work I visit the grave of a CMH winner, place a flag and a thank you note.

    I am going to do it here in Seattle this Saturday. I am going to flag Lewis Albanese's resting spot.


    Nick, if it is OK with you I will sign your name as well as mine on the thank you note.

    Great read. Pleased to know you Sir.

  15. PackOne

    PackOne Cheesehead

    Apr 23, 2006
    Very good stuff, very good indeed. A pleasure to have around.


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