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Thoughts Around Week 4

Discussion in 'Packer Fan Forum' started by Bogart, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. Bogart

    Bogart Duke Mantee

    Jan 26, 2011
    Detroit at Dallas

    All I can say is, must really suck to be a Dallas fan when your team just had it's biggest loss after leading in franchise history. Romo was the miracle. Detroit's offense looks great, but this win goes straight to Romo for them, as he and the Cowboys need to be thanked personally for being up 10-27 and still throwing the ball trying to run up stats when they could have been running the ball on the ground to milk the clock and win.

    Carolina at Chicago

    I'll eat my words, and admit it; Newton is good. I hated seeing Eric Metcalf lose his record to Hester, but you can't take it away, Hester is dangerous. Chicago's defense don't look that sharp this season, and actually Carolina should have won this game. Jay Cutler didn't even throw the ball that much and still managed to throw one to the other team and not even complete 50% of his passes. Bears ran the ball against a horrible defense, Carolina is finally running the ball good. The Panthers look like a team to improve in years to come while Chicago is looking old and aged.

    Buffalo at Cincinnati

    Bills should have been able to close this one out. Bungles have a high ranked defense, but their still very shaky. Was impressed with first half Bills, very disappointed in those guys coming back in after half time.

    Tennessee at Cleveland

    Looks like Matt Hasselbeck is finally with a good coordinator or something cause he's looking great this year. What a move by the Titans to pursue him. Colt McCoy looked like a rookie, and I still don't think he's the man for the Browns. Tennessee is looking like a good team so far with a great veteran quarterback.

    Minnesota at Kansas City

    What can you say? MELT DOWN AGAIN!!!???? At least Mr. Hyde some got a Touchdown in the second half, but he still let Dr. Jekyl down when they let Kansas City win the game and stay in it. I don't get Minnesota, they could be 4-0 if they wanted to play a second half of a ball game. Enjoy seeing them suck but little did I ever expect to see them go 0-4.

    New Orleans at Jacksonville

    Sloppy game by both teams. The Saints as usual on offense are impressive, but they kinda disappointed me in this game with Brees getting picked off, and them letting the Jags hang around in the game. They can't let the Panthers hang around next week, cause they are way better than Jacksonville.

    Pittsburgh at Houston

    As usual, the Steelers got their way and stayed in the game with many bullshit penalties, but the Texans still won thankfully. Score should have been worse than it was with Houston winning by 14 or more. Steelers look bad this year. Old, and slow on defense, can't stop the run and on offense, Roethlisberger is sloppy as hell this year.

    San Francisco at Philadelphia

    Impressive comeback by the 49ers. Undoubtedly the "dream team" had this game won and just gave up, they sure can't stop the run when they let Gore have a big day. Vick is averaging a turnover every game since half of last season. Not shown on the highlights, but yep he had a pick.

    NY Giants at Arizona.

    Don't understand all the big fuss about the "BS call" it didn't look like a fumble to me. Cardinals blew this game, that's what you get for buying into the Kolb hype. Giants look good, but they can't get down like that every game.

    Atlanta at Seattle

    This game was a big question mark. You see the Falcons were up like 24 to 0, and they slowly let Seattle come back and nearly beat them. Seahawks should have won this game, no question about that, but just how bad are the Falcons defense that gets all this hype? If they almost let the Seahawks come back and beat them how are they going to stop Drew Brees or Josh Freeman?

    Miami at San Diego

    Chad Henne leaving injured is a blessing in disguise. Moore sucks too, but now maybe Tony Dumbass Sprano will FINALLY see he's got a bust at quarterback. Chargers are not the real deal, very overrated. They let Miami hang in this game and they could have beat them.

    New England at Oakland

    While Brady and Welker get all the headlines, don't kid yourself, the Patriots Defense looks very beatable. Raiders were playing this like a shoot out and just made one too many mistakes. Even in a big win like this, New England has major problems on defense, especially now with Mayo getting injured.

    Denver at Green Bay

    Rodgers had a career day, I was so impressed with the offense. I think Starks bounced back, most of all I can't get over Aaron's big game. I have not seen someone play that well and rack up such high numbers like that in god knows how long. That's a game I'll remember him by when i have kids one day. Pass defense scared me letting Orton go 10 straight completions.

    NY Jets at Baltimore

    Let me start by saying this: Mark Sanchez is the most overrated quarterback in the NFL. There, done. Defensive struggle, but what got me all night was Sanchez turning the ball over 4 times. He goes 11 for 35. The very first play from scrimmage, he fumbled and did not even look to his left to see pressure coming. He's terrible in the pocket, NEVER looks to see if he's got pressure. Joe Flacco has a body built for a quarterback, but lacks brains. He too has zero pocket awareness and played terribly. Ravens look like the best defense so far this year. They are scary, but their offense will screw them like they usually do. Flacco is not that great, but Sanchez, just wow. Turns the ball over every game and he gets every excuse in the book, not just one turnover either, at least 2.

    Indianapolis at Tampa Bay.

    Indianapolis really has a better defense this season than they get credit for. Sure 0-4, no quarterback, but look at their stats if you get a chance. You cannot say that defense is not trying. Curtis Painter sucks, like he does in preseason. Kerry Collins is a slight improvement, but I think their Defense is going to win them at least 3 games without Manning. Tampa Bay looks OK like an average team to me. They are good on defense with blitz, and good when it counts on offense, but so far I can't say I am totally sold on them. I do like Blounte and Josh Freeman though.
  2. Jules

    Jules The Colts Fan

    Feb 5, 2011
    -If the Jets lose this weekend I could see the wheels falling off. But, thats a brutal road stretch the schedule makers bestowed on them, ouch.I was iffy on the Jets making the playoffs this year anyway. Unless they can get the run game going again they are in deep trouble. They are built to beat the Pats on defense it seems so this might be a tough game this weekend, or the Pats could blow them out again. Either way I would take the Pats but I would not bet money on it. The Jets are desperate but they might not have it this year. We'll see. The Bills even though they lost can make the playoffs. They are playing above their talent level so far. Love the feel of that team but they have to learn how to win on a consistent basis.

    -Baltimore is a team I am really high on from the AFC this season. With the Colts out of the picture (We hardcore own them) they could have a good path finally in the postseason. And with the Steelers issues they might have gotten over that hurdle for the year. They already can give the Pats fits. They can also win games when the offense sucks, but I feel Flacco is a bit underrated at times.

    -San Diego is still my AFC enigma team. Some season I suspect they may get over the hump and get to the SB when we least expect it. I don't trust them but the talent is there.They are actually winning early this year so look out. If they stopped being morons when playing the Patriots they would beat them.

    -Titans are an underrated team. They will give the Texans a run for their money in the AFC South even with Britt out, especially if Andre is out for a while. Colts are trying but are not a well coached team (Manning has been covering up for a lackluster staff since Dungy left). Suck for Luck?

    -In the NFC obviously I think the Packers are the cream of the crop. You all worry too much about the D. They will improve and this is a passing league now so get used to it. You have a better D then contenders like the Saints, Patriots. I would take them over the Lions too based on your CBs.

    -I am semi on the Niners bandwagon since I love Harbaugh (Captain Comeback). I would have given my right arm to get that man in Indy. Watch out for them. Harbaugh is a winner.

    -Giants and Redskins are a suprise. One of them will probably win the division right now the way things look with the other two frauds.

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