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The Washington Navy Yard Tragedy.

Discussion in 'The Atrium' started by I_am_smoked_cheddar, Sep 16, 2013.

  1. I_am_smoked_cheddar

    I_am_smoked_cheddar Guest

    I was a federal civil service employee at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard for 14yrs and had been to the Washington Navy Yard on one occasion. I feel this tragedy on a personal level. Those Americans were doing their jobs designing our Navy's ships and ships systems, and purchasing the supplies needed to build, support, feed and shelter our nations Navy. I have first hand knowledge of the security in place and I know that it would just be near impossible to stop anyone determined to commit such a heinous act. There are layers of security, but 100% searches are rare. Background checks are done before security access is granted by way of ID's with magnetic strips that only allow the bearer access to certain buildings and/or rooms if their clearance has been pre-approved.
    Federal installations are very active places. Employees, contractors, military personal, and government officials come and go every day. It would slow down the important work being done to a snails pace if 100% searches were preformed 100% of the time. The crazy will always be with us, we can never be know what is going on in a sick mind.

    Let us remember their families and friends, left to carry on.
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  2. weeds

    weeds Cheesehead

    Dec 9, 2004
    My nephew was just there a couple of weeks prior. Seems as though they don't allow some guys to 'retire' quietly. Every time someone across this great world of ours decides to shake things up, he gets a call and has to "go to Canada fishing". My heart goes out to those folks. Man, you start a day thinking you're just going to work and then come home to your family and "events take over". The shite going on in this world is just plain nauseating
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  3. Chicocheese

    Chicocheese Cheesehead

    Feb 8, 2011
    Very sad. I wish Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would speak up and bring justice to those who deserve it! Oh wait... the shooter...

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