The Solution No One Wants To Discuss With A Rodgers Is Leaving Scenario…

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May 2, 2012
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Bear with me through this, but let’s not pretend that it is out of the realm of possibility that Rodgers still doesn’t know what he wants to do…now personally I think he knows…but history says wouldn’t be shocked if he doesn’t.

Trade value of him has some incredible issues to say the least…an insanely gifted GOAT level QB, an insanely “annoying” off season headache in that he hasn’t known about his future each offseason for awhile, his massive cap structure hits….

I can make an argument with very valid reasons he’s worth a Russel Wilson type return….and I can make an argument for a GM wanting zero to do unless CHEAP (like zero Day 1 picks involved).

Is there a possibility that makes sense yet no one has brought forth, at least not directly formally….and the negotiations of this would be much more “woven” which could also explain perhaps everyone that needs to knows and the talks are hot and heavy surrounding this concept.

What if Packers and say for this hypothetical the Jets agree to terms of a Post June 1st trade for Rodgers.

Now the obvious BAD on this is ZERO draft equity return for Rodgers this draft…BUT is that all bad?

In a post-Aaron Rodgers era we are most likely not a SB team, and at our best a borderline battler for a wildcard spot if all chips and balls fall/bounce our way. Arguably many would say that is no different even with Rodgers…

Either way 2023 season is the “prove it” season to Love with 2024 or 2025 being the draft a QB years….so arguably draft equity then could be more pivotal than now….even if not for a QB and Love proves himself as the future you have draft equity (most likely pretty dang good amount due to trade) sitting there to build rookie talent contracts around Love.

Now if your the Jets as good as they are imagine you can add Rodgers without giving up a single pick this draft and only future and maybe a player or two.

That last part is the “this year return” for Rodgers. Instead of getting picks maybe Gute gets some guys back that could play roles here Clemons at edge, Ruckert at TE, Mims or Moore (I doubt they’d do that) back in return along with future draft picks.

Imagine a deal like this:

Packers give NYJ Aaron Rodgers

NYJ give GB:
Michael Clemons (2nd year guy on rookie contract EDGE)
Jeremy Ruckert (2nd year guy on rookie contract TE)
Denzel Mims (4thyear guy on rookie contract WR)
2024 First Round Pick
2024 Conditional 2nd Rounder
(3rd if NYJ don’t make playoffs)
2025 First Round Pick
2025 4th Round Pick
(3rd if Rodgers plays 2024 season - 2nd if Rodgers plays and they make playoffs)
2026 4th rounder with same conditions as above pick but for the 2025 season

Now trust me I’m not saying I believe this will happen, but I will admit if I’m Gute this is for sure a thought process I have on a board and may even bring up if say Jets won’t deal this year due to any or all items discussed.


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Mar 7, 2005
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