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The Eddie Lacy ROY Campaign

Discussion in 'Packer Fan Forum' started by Shanghai Pack, Oct 13, 2013.

  1. Shanghai Pack

    Shanghai Pack Cheesehead

    Sep 17, 2013
    Week 9 Results:

    Geno Smith: 8-19 for 115 yrds and 0 TDs or INTs, with a 62.4 Passing Rating and a 14.8 QBR. Had 6 rushes for 18 yrds and 1 Rushing TD. Was also sacked 2 times. Team won 26-20.
    Giovanni Bernard: 9 carries for 79 yards on a 8.8 YPC average, 2 Rush TDs and 4 catches for 25 yrds. Team lost 22-20 in OT.
    Zac Stacy: 27 carries for 127 yrds on a 4.7 YPC average, 2 Rush TDs and 6 catches for 51 yrds. Team lost 28-21.
    Eddie Lacy:
    22 carries for 151 yrds on a 6.8 YPC average, 1 Rush TD and 0 catches. Packers lost 27-20.

    Lacy Analysis
    Eddie ran well all night long in a game where the Packers were unable to get much going by way of the passing game. The line deserves a lot of the credit as it opened up massive holes in the Bears defense but Lacy did well with his vision and explosiveness. He and the collectively running game seemed like the only good things the Packers had going for them on Monday night. With Rodgers out several weeks, the team is going to have to rely on him even more. The additional offensive focus will be matched by a defensive focus and what could/should be a lot of 8 man boxes. It will be interesting to see how Lacy can perform now that he doesn't have a league MVP with him in the backfield.

    Overall Analysis:
    It was a very big week for most of the rookies. Giovanni Bernard got things started on Thursday night with an incredible TD run that involved him ducking and weaving around the entire Dolphins D and made all the highlight reels. It was an explosive performance and he could have had even better numbers if not for a fourth quarter rib injury. Still his total rushing performance for the year is under 400 yrds and his involvement in the passing attack has slowed down, so for him to win the award, he'll need to have an obscene number of TDs and "WOW" plays like the one on Monday night.

    Zac Stacy is a newcomer to my rankings but off a series of stellar performances, it's impossible to ignore him any longer. Like Lacy above, he singlehandedly kept the Rams in the Titans game both on the ground and in the air. Stacy would probably very well be the front runner if not for having to wait behind lesser RBs for the first four games. Also hurting him is unlike the other three candidates, his team has very little chance at a winning record and a playoff spot.

    Geno Smith did not have a particularly good week. To my eyes, it was essentially a repeat performance from the Bengals game minus all the turnovers. That proved to be enough though as the Jets beat the Saints due to a stout defensive effort. QBs take too much blame when a team loses and too much credit when they win, but as that's the world we live in, getting the W against what's perceived as a viable Super Bowl contender is a huge boon to his chances.

    Overall, I continue to think what I've thought for a while. I believe that if performances generally hold to how they have been, then if the Jets make the playoffs Geno Smith with win the award for that team accomplishment. Whether this is appropriate or not is a separate debate. But if the Jets do not make the playoffs, I think Lacy is the favorite amongst the RBs. The Packers are going to work him a lot the next few weeks so his overall numbers should continue their rise. Lacy is currently averaging the 4th most rush yards per game among all RBs at 85.1 yard a game, but that stat accounts for the Redskins game when he was knocked out on the first drive. If you discount that from the total, his average is 99 yards a game, by far the highest in the league. Hopefully Lacy can continue to average 100 yrds and 1 TD a game over the next few weeks to help keep the Packers playoffs hopes afloat.
  2. bubba

    bubba Cheesehead

    Oct 23, 2013
    This man is a beast a true warrior and he is only a rookie. He is everything Richardson was supposed to be and more. He hurt his ankle at the half and you could tell he was going to get back in there no matter what to help his team. We need more guys like this great young man.
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