The dark side of the San Francisco legacy.

Joe Nor Cal Packer

Feb 24, 2014
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Danville, California
They might be heading back in that direction. I live in Nor Cal and watched Krapernick's post-game PC. First of all, he looked foolish with a baseball cap on backwards, a "beard" that makes him look about 17 years old, and best (worst) of all was him mumbling through the PC about "we do some things good" - ummm, that's "well" Colon and no you don't do much "well". If he hadn't been so pompous/arrogant in those wins against the Pack one could almost feel sorry for him. Not! Today was sweet payback. Tomsula is way over his head and Kraperdink is not even close to being a leader.

I will say the 49ers D played well today, GB's D was just way better, and ARod is, well ARod. KC put a lot of pressure on Rodgers as well. I've been surprised they haven't dialed up a few more screens, but Lacy is also a great way to counter a rushing D and even on a bum ankle, was outstanding today. Very good all around performance by GB today, really a pretty complete game.