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Teams & Points - Week 3

Discussion in 'NFL Discussions' started by IPBprez, Sep 23, 2005.

  1. IPBprez

    IPBprez Cheesehead

    Likes Received:
    Dec 14, 2004
    Lambeau Midwest
    Aside from this week's "hype" over Eli Manning against the Team (Chargers) he refused....

    Here's this week's line for the games on Sunday.

    Buffalo vs Atlanta / Buffalo at home - by 3 (home turf advantage)

    Miami vs Carolina / Maimi at home - Panthers by 3.5 (no home turf advantage for the Dolphins)

    Vikings vs Saints / Vikings at home - by 3.5 (dang, only by 3 at home?)

    da Bears vs Bengals / Bears at home - Cincinnati by 3 (what goes around...?)

    Colts vs Browns / Colts at NipperDome - by 13.5 (no-brainer? or upset special?)

    NY Jets vs Jaguars / Jets at home - by 3 (home turf advantage)

    Seahawks vs Cardinals / 'hawks at home - by 6 (Mikey had better cover this...)

    Chargers vs NY Giants / Chargers at home - by 6 (but, they say ELI is finding his feet)

    Rams vs Titans / Rams at home - by 6.5 ('bout time.. ya think?)

    Niners vs Cowboys / Dallas by 6.5 - (so much for the Niners...)


    Eagles vs Raiders / Eagles at home - by 8 (only 8? - Sorry, RP)

    Packers vs Buccaneers / Packers at Lambeau Field - Bucs get this by 3.5 (Well, we'll see....)

    Steelers vs Patriots / Steelers at home - only by 3 (home turf advantage)

    Broncos vs Chiefs / Denver at home - by 3 (home turf advantage)


    According to this - I have three wrong, if you were to consider Sheridan "thee Guru of NFL picks".... they are:

    • Atlanta - Vick may play, but won't know til game time
      Jacksonville - I think the Jags will walk all over these guys..
      KC Chiefs - the Chiefs are hot right now - Jake stumbles this time...

    Otherwise, I have all other games picked just as Sheridan's Line shows us in USAtoday.com/Sports - remember, I picked my teams last Tuesday evening... just by gut feeling... still reading, tho' I'll probably do one more review on who actually will start on early Sunday morning -- IPBprez

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