Should The Tampa Bay Buccaneer Fans Call For Lovie Smith To Be Fired And The Glazers To Sell Them?

Should Lovie Smith Be Fired In Tampa?

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Sep 30, 2013
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At this point, I think they should. I think Lovie has completely gotten lost out there as a coach and everywhere he's gone his offenses have been junk and I don't care if it's offensive coordinator issues, he's shown no ability to hook up with the right football brains. And personally for being a defensive guy he has not fixed their defense and he's going to get Jameis killed if this keeps up.

So far I think you could go on record saying that the Bucs are the worst run organization in NFL history, and their owners have been hiring incompetent and clueless GMs that don't know what they're doing, who won't go out and do anything to upgrade their O-line, overspending on faulty players like Vincent Jackson, and if I was a Bucs fan I'd be calling for enough of this. The whole organization lost it when Jon Gruden was fired and they've been a rudderless organization ever since. I'd say it all starts up top as Malcolm Glazer's sons have no clue what they're doing and should consider selling that team. They need someone who knows football to come in and get that rudderless ship under control.


Sep 13, 2015
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I like him cause his name is Lovey, does that make me a shallow person?

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