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Rookie WR Scouting Report

Discussion in 'Fantasy Football' started by Wood Chipper, Apr 6, 2013.

  1. Wood Chipper

    Wood Chipper Fantasy Football Guru

    Sep 30, 2010
    Rookie WR Scouting Report

    Tavon Austin (WVU)
    Strengths – Versatile (WR/RB/KR/PR), elusive, good hands, great run after catch, has never missed a game in 3 years, fast, accelerates nicely, very good with short routes, I see him being ppr gold, cuts well, finds his blockers without much issue
    Weaknesses – Short in size, not a deep ball catcher, had one game where he didn’t catch well

    DeAndre Hopkins (Clemson)
    Strengths – Good hands, good speed, effective when running after the catch, good cuts, good route runner, matured in college, reminds me of Roddy White, no injury issues to speak of, has the speed to not get run down
    Weaknesses – Occasionally drops the ball, runs out of bounds instead of fighting for more yards, does not break many tackles, had a really off day against NC State

    Keenan Allen (CAL)
    Strengths – Good hands, didn’t drop any easy balls in 2012 footage, runs really good routes, good at short to intermediate catches, could be a fantastic ppr receiver, good in the open field, occasionally used on end arounds
    Weaknesses – Missed 2012 spring practices with injury from basketball, sometimes catches with body, fumbled against USC, not especially fast, didn’t catch any deep balls that I saw, not fully aware of where the sideline is when running, dropped easy balls in 2011 footage

    Cordarrelle Patterson (UT)
    Strengths – Great kick returner, can be used in the backfield, explosive, elusive, cuts well, hands are not an issue, played in the SEC his last year
    Weaknesses – Only played one season at division 1 level, academics have been an issue, scouts worry about his ability to retain information, does not prepare with desire, does not pay attention to detail, catches with the body on occasion, seems very raw, would need time to develop, is a non factor in seemingly half of the games most notable are the SEC games

    Stedman Bailey (WVU)
    Strengths – Has not missed a game in the past two years, almost two hundred receptions in two years as a starter, has great hands, above average route runner, makes some clutch catches along sidelines and when diving, hauls in deep passes with ease, fights for more yards instead of going out of bounds, can run the end around, some catches just make me say “wow what a beast”, has good speed, knocks off would be tacklers, only saw two drops out of 5 games (both against Oklahoma)
    Weaknesses – Could use a little work on route running, not very elusive, gets a little lazy with routes when he knows he isn’t involved in the play, did not see him leap for a catch

    Quinton Patton (LA Tech)
    Strengths – Puts his hands out to catch the ball, doesn’t use his body to catch, good hands, deep ball threat, does well on screen passes, makes first defender miss, impressive 21 catch game in the bowl game against Texas A&M had me impressed
    Weaknesses – Injured ankle against New Mexico State in 2011, had a bad game with too many drops against Utah State, not extremely fast, average at blocking

    Justin Hunter (UT)
    Strengths – Does well in the middle of the field, impressive combine, fights for more yards, can make impressive catches, intermediate to deep ball catcher is specialty, can catch when the ball is over the head, good speed, good run after the catch, played in the SEC
    Weaknesses – Season ending ACL injury in 2011, lets ball go to body too often, drops catches occasionally, his hands remind of James Jones (inconsistent)

    Robert Woods (USC)
    Strengths – Works hard in weight room and in film room, can return kicks, has great hands, good speed, good runner with ball in hands, ppr receiver, good on timing routes, very consistent, started all 3 years, never missed a game, good route runner
    Weaknesses – Sometimes catches with body, not someone who wows, had a few injuries in 2011 and had a surgery between 2011 and 2012 season

    Ryan Swope (Texas A&M)
    Strengths – Has special teams experience, slot receiver with good hands (ppr gold), fights for more yards when being tackled, smart on field player, works hard as a blocker, not afraid to get hit, runs all routes, durable, aggressive, played in the SEC his last year
    Weaknesses – Average speed, not a deep threat, nothing flashy

    Tavarres King (Georgia)
    Strengths – Only saw one dropped ball, is good on deep routes, catches back shoulder throws like a pro, good speed, played in the SEC
    Weaknesses – Season ending ankle injury back in ’08, lets the ball come to him instead of extending hands, was caught underage drinking in 2010, not a lot of short and intermediate catches outside of screens

    Terrance Williams (Baylor)
    Strengths – Good leaping ability when going for the ball, is aware of where the sideline is at and doesn't step out, makes some impressive catches, good top end speed, started for a few years, wins one on one matchups typically, fairly elusive in open field, deep ball threat
    Weaknesses – Ankle sprain in 2011, drops easy catches, seems to trip himself up in open field sometimes, fumbled against WVU

    Markus Wheaton (Oregon State)
    Strengths – Did not miss a game junior or senior year, good on end arounds, pretty fast, some elusivity, pretty good hands
    Weaknesses – Multiple minor injuries (hip flexor, foot injury, concussion), occasionally drops the ball

    Aaron Dobson (Marshall)
    Strengths – Pretty good route runner, reads zone coverage well, can make one handed catches, aggressive run blocker, good hands overall
    Weaknesses – Missed two games in 2012 due to knee injury, sometimes not aware of the sideline, had concentration issues against UCF where he had a few drops on easy catches

    Kenny Stills (Oklahoma)
    Strengths – Started 38 games in 3 seasons, good hands, above average speed, makes first defender miss, reads zone coverage well, can make difficult catches
    Weaknesses – Concussion against Florida in ’11, DUI in Jan ’11, body catches, inconsistent at blocking, wastes a lot of motion shaking defenders, dropped some easy catches against Oklahoma State

    Chris Harper (Kansas State)
    Strengths – Durable (no injuries), good hands, good concentration when catching, big body
    Weaknesses – Fumbled against Baylor, average speed, just average after the catch, still needs to work on routes (former QB)

    Marquis Goodwin (Texas)
    Strengths – Participated in Olympics, tracks the ball well when receiving, good on end arounds, returns kicks, fast in open field, puts effort into blocking
    Weaknesses – No significant injuries but frame is a concern for scouts, did not have a lot of production in college, needs to work on routes, catches with body

    Conner Vernon (Duke)
    Strengths – Started all 4 years, all time ACC reception leader, good hands, adjusts when the QB is rushed out of the pocket, can return punts
    Weaknesses – Missed 2009 Kansas game, not really fast, body catches, not much YAC

    Ace Sanders (South Carolina)
    Strengths – Durable, speedy wide receiver, good hands, played in the SEC, can return punts and kicks
    Weaknesses – Small frame, gets muscled out by defenders when running routes, not good on 50-50 jump balls, occasional body catches

    Cobi Hamilton (Arkansas)
    Strengths – Played in pro system, aware of the sideline, adjust routes when necessary, can make first defender miss, never missed a game in college, played in the SEC
    Weaknesses – Undisclosed injury in 2012 (missed no time though), drops some catchable passes, gets rerouted too easily, isn't fast, as consistent as Greg Little

    Da’Rick Rogers (TTU)
    Strengths – Durable/injuries are not a concern, led all SEC wide receivers in 2011, fights for extra yards, not afraid of contact
    Weaknesses – Immature, arrested in 2010 for a bar brawl, was thinking about transferring after 2011 season but decided to stay, got suspended in 2012 by UT so he transferred anyways to Tennessee Tech, sometimes drops the ball, is not the fastest guy
    (Only 1 game from 2012 to watch)

    Aaron Mellette (Elon)
    Strengths – Durable, very productive, press coverage does not hold him at the line, works middle of the field and absorbs hits
    Weaknesses – Not fast, drops catchable balls, played in division II, not elusive, doesn't break tackles, doesn't get much separation, too many body catches

    Mark Harrison (Rutgers)
    Strengths – Can make catches off balance and then regain balance, can catch deep balls, big body receiver, can run over smaller defenders
    Weaknesses – Lets the ball get to his body, not fast off the line

    Marquess Wilson (Washington St.)
    Strengths – Pretty good speed, can leap above defenders, looked great in 2011, seemed to decline in 2012
    Weaknesses – Lost starting job in 2012 after good 2011 season, stormed out on the team in Nov 2012, got suspended, quit the team and claimed abuse by coaches, slim frame, needs to work on routes, drops balls that land in his hands

    Lanear Sampson (Baylor)
    Above average receiver who seemed to be the QB’s go to man.

    Marlon Brown (Georgia)
    Seems like an above average college receiver with nothing special about him.

    Corey Fuller (VA Tech)
    An above average college receiver with nothing special about him. Body catches and double catches too many passes.

    Brandon Kaufman (Eastern Washington)
    Strengths – Big body receiver, pretty good hands, recognizes when he needs to come back to help the QB, good catch radius, makes defenders miss, can win 50-50 balls
    Weaknesses – Played in division II, lets some balls come to the body

    To watch tape of a player just youtube a players name and vs
    Ex. Tavon Austin vs
  2. Wood Chipper

    Wood Chipper Fantasy Football Guru

    Sep 30, 2010
    Added 5 WR's
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