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Rookie TE Scouting Report

Discussion in 'Fantasy Football' started by Wood Chipper, Apr 6, 2013.

  1. Wood Chipper

    Wood Chipper Fantasy Football Guru

    Sep 30, 2010
    TE Rookie Scouting Report

    Tyler Eifert (Notre Dame)
    Strengths - Can lineup as a WR, can leap and catch (specialty), can catch while falling backwards, above average at blocking, 6 foot 6 inches tall creates mismatches, when the ball hits his hands he doesn't drop it, pancakes cornerbacks
    Weaknesses - Missed all of 2009 with back injury, seems to not be able to separate sometimes, has trouble blocking linebackers sometimes

    Zach Ertz (Stanford)
    Strengths - 6 foot 6 inches tall, can catch some tough balls, can lineup at WR, catches passes when wide open, good route runner, fights for extra yards after contact
    Weaknesses - Had an unknown knee injury and missed 3 games in 2011, ball when right in between his hands and hit him in the facemask (made me laugh, USC), only adequate at blocking, lets the ball go to his body (results in a drop, Notre Dame), inconsistent, does not win a lot of catches with close coverage

    Gavin Escobar (SDSU)
    Strengths - 6 foot 5 inches, lines up in the slot to cause mismatches, can catch pretty well, played in all 39 games, wins lots of jump balls, not worried about getting hit by defenders, uses his height to his advantage on high throws
    Weaknesses - Is not a good blocker (would need development), broke his hand in 2011, lingering knee issue in 2012

    Jordan Reed (Florida)
    Strengths - Lines up at WR, can jump and catch, catches even while well covered, good at running after the catch, strong work ethic, pretty good speed, played in the SEC
    Weaknesses - Missed two games in 2011 due to injury, has trouble blocking (will need time to develop in the NFL), fumbled against Georgia, head injury in 2012, benched for a sour attitude during 2013 bowl game

    Travis Kelce (Cincinnati)
    Strengths – Solid blocker, good top end speed (burned everyone in the Belk bowl for the game winning TD), good soft hands (didn’t see him drop anything), and breaks arm tackles
    Weaknesses – Injured in senior bowl, suspended 2011 season, needs a lot of work as a route runner, a little bit slow to pick up speed, only started 1 year

    Vance McDonald (Rice)
    Strengths – Pretty good at catching, above average blocker, aggressive when blocking defenders, can fill in as a long snapper, had significant playing time
    Weaknesses – Missed 3 games in 2012 with toe injury, missed 2 games in 2010 with shoulder injury, missed 2 games in 2009 due to undisclosed injury, drops some catchable balls, sometimes bobbles or second catches the ball, just average speed

    Dion Sims (Michigan St)
    Strengths – Good hands, fights for extra yards, isn't afraid to go over the middle, can run over defenders for extra yards
    Weaknesses – Had a costly fumble against Northwestern, missed 3 games in 2012 with ankle injury, played second half of 2011 with broken hand, suspended in 2010 for being a part of a crime ring, not fast, didn't have a lot of receiving production
    (Limited game tape on him)

    Chris Gragg (Arkansas)
    Strengths – Aggressive blocker, pretty good route runner, fights for extra yards, good hands, makes plays in the middle of the field, breaks arm tackles, played in the SEC
    Weaknesses – Missed 7 games in 2012 due to a knee injury, dislocated ankle in 2009 and missed whole season, smaller in size and height for a TE, is just adequate at blocking, too many body catches

    Joseph Fauria (UCLA)
    Strengths – Hasn’t missed a game, 6 foot 7 and it works to his advantage on high passes, makes some great catches outside of his frame, above average speed
    Weaknesses – Not a very good blocker, lacks aggressiveness as a blocker, seems to not be willing to work the middle of the field as a pass catcher

    Nick Kasa (Colorado)
    Strengths – Pretty good speed, pretty good blocker, is a good down field threat, big body at 6 foot 6 and 269 pounds
    Weaknesses – Minor knee injury in 2009, concussion against Arizona 2012, hamstring injury at combine, needs to work on routes, only 2 years experience as a TE and only started 1 season, body catches and double catches too much, didn’t produce a lot as a receiver

    Jake Stoneburner (Ohio State)
    Strengths – Runs pretty good routes, put up good times at the combine for a TE, good catch radius, pretty good hands
    Weaknesses – High ankle sprain in 2010 caused him to miss 2 games, knee surgery in 2011 made him miss bowl game, has trouble with press coverage, needs to improve as a blocker, not a lot of receiving production

    Philip Lutzenkirchen (Auburn)
    Strengths – Pretty good route runner, good pass catcher, above average in open field
    Weaknesses – Tore labrum in left hip and only played 6 games in 2012, missed 1 game in 2011, low production as a receiver

    Ryan Otten (San Jose St)
    Strengths – Fights for more yards, runs good routes, wins 50-50 matchups, has good hands, really productive as a receiver
    Weaknesses – Staph infection and the flu in 2013, missed 1 game in 2011 with left ankle injury, missed 7 games in 2010 for left foot injury, needs work as a blocker, too many body catches

    Michael Williams (Alabama)
    Strengths – Durable, played 54 games and started 41, played in the SEC, breaks tackles, good blocker
    Weaknesses – Has trouble separating, not very fast, not very productive as a receiver

    Justice Cunningham (South Carolina)
    Strengths – Durable, good blocker, can read zone coverage well, good hands, experienced (53 games), played in the SEC
    Weaknesses – Below average speed, needs to work on routes, only has one speed, low receiving production

    Chris Pantale (Boston College)
    Strengths – Fights for extra yards after catch, good hands, good as an underneath safety blanket
    Weaknesses – Broken right foot in 2012 made him miss 4 games, not fast, just average at blocking, just okay at route running

    You can watch these players too. Just youtube the players name and vs
    Ex. Tyler Eifert vs
  2. Wood Chipper

    Wood Chipper Fantasy Football Guru

    Sep 30, 2010
    Added 7 TE's
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