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Rookie QB Scouting Reports

Discussion in 'Fantasy Football' started by Wood Chipper, Apr 6, 2013.

  1. Wood Chipper

    Wood Chipper Fantasy Football Guru

    Sep 30, 2010
    Rookie QB Scouting Report 2013

    Geno Smith (WVU)
    Strengths – Throws well under pressure, looks poised in the pocket, pocket passer, can throw on the run, rolls out well, slides or gets out of bounds when running, puts the ball only where the receiver can catch it, never missed a game, has started for three seasons, takes the sack rather than throwing it up for grabs, goes through his progressions, can make all the throws, impressive combine, throws a nice deep ball
    Weaknesses – Did not play under center a lot in college, seems to throw the ball right above the receivers head occasionally, stares down his 1st target and doesn’t look to anyone else, fumbled twice against Texas

    EJ Manuel (Florida St.)
    Strengths – Great team leader, can throw on the run, can run well, gets out of bounds or slides when ending a run, isn’t afraid to throw while getting hit, knows where the pressure is coming from, always looking downfield, do not see many wild throws, very accurate on intermediate throws (seems to be his favorite throwing distance), smart on option plays (knows when not to pitch), can throw the deep ball well, very mobile in the pocket
    Weaknesses – Separated throwing shoulder in 2011 (missed 2 games), fractured fibula in left leg in 2011, sometimes has unnecessary fumbles, scouts question accuracy, not good when throwing the ball up for the WR to win the matchup

    Matt Barkley (USC)
    Strengths – Runs a pro style offense in college, good pump fakes, goes through progressions, knows where the pressure is at, purely a pocket passer, short to intermediate passes are his bread and butter, is used to playing with a crap offensive line, does not crack in the face of pressure, has Pac 12 and USC TD record, played all 4 years, film room guru, polished
    Weaknesses – Injured in 2009 (missed a game), Injured in 2010 (missed a game), season ending shoulder injury in 2012, would rather risk throwing a pick than get sacked, would benefit greatly from a year or two on the bench in the NFL and learn, is not someone to run for a few yards when flushed out of the pocket, not always on the same page as his receiver leading to picks, seemed to be so in love with Lee that he forgot his other receivers, does not throw many deep balls, misses receivers when wide open occasionally, depends a lot on his receivers getting yards after the catch

    Landry Jones (Oklahoma)
    Strengths – Durable, started 50 total games, can work from spread and from under center, goes through progressions well, good throwing while rolling, can throw a nice deep ball, can change ball trajectory when needed, can make all the throws, knows when and where the pressure is coming from and step away from it, can throw into tight windows, good arm strength, seems fairly consistent
    Weaknesses – Scouts question mental toughness, needs to work on his follow through when throwing, needs to speed up his release, not a running threat, makes some boneheaded throws that end up as easy INT opportunities, needs to take the easier underneath passes instead of trying to hit home runs

    Ryan Nassib (Syracuse)
    Strengths – Durable, started 3 seasons, mature and a hard worker, can really zip the ball on short and intermediate throws, knows where the pressure is coming from, will scramble when necessary, can throw while moving, pretty good accuracy on short to intermediate throws, mentally tough, mobile in the pocket
    Weaknesses – Needs to work on making his release smoother and quicker, not the greatest arm strength, sometimes throws the ball too hard and makes it harder to catch, isn't consistent on his deep ball accuracy, sometimes overthrows wide open receivers

    Tyler Wilson (Arkansas)
    Strengths – Will tuck and run when no one is open, film room guru, played in the SEC against the best defenses, runs out of bounds and does not take unnecessary hits and he knows how to slide, throws the football calmly even when he knows he is going to get hit, played in a pro style system, above average while throwing on the run, knows where the rush is coming from, can throw quick passes, good on short to intermediate throws, the more time he has to throw then he will throw farther
    Weaknesses – Concussion in 2012 caused him to miss a game, makes some careless throws when there are better options available, some bad footwork results in sloppy throws, a little below average on deep balls, doesn't have a really strong arm

    Mike Glennon (NC State)
    Strengths – Durable, tall (6 foot 7 inches), pure pocket passer, played in a pro style system, recognizes when being pressured, avoids sacks by moving in the pocket, can throw accurately while running, lots of drops by receivers that should be catches make his stats look worse, can throw the deep ball, always looking to dump the ball of when he is about to get sacked, has a nice release when throwing
    Weaknesses – Seems to get the ball stripped from his hands too easily when being sacked, throws some risky passes, trying to force it to the receiver, not very mobile, sometimes stares down receivers, has some wild throws

    Tyler Bray (Tennessee)
    Strengths – Has a really strong arm, not afraid to throw downfield, good at leading a receiver so that he can get yards after the catch, puts good zip on the ball, recognizes where pressure is coming from and adjusts well in the pocket
    Weaknesses – Missed 5 games in 2011 from fractured thumb, only started every game in 2012, scouts question his work ethic and whether he loves the game or not, fumbled in the clutch against Georgia and South Carolina, coaches were talking about pulling Bray as the starter in 2012, seems to throw into coverage too often, inconsistent foot work, has a tendency to pat the ball before throwing (bad habit), occasional sloppy release points, not a threat to scramble, scouts say he needs to work on clock management

    Matt Scott (Arizona)
    Strengths – Can run, hard worker, good leader, does a good job leading receivers, fast release, can throw on the run, not afraid to take hits, good footwork, knows how to slide, mentally and physically tough
    Weaknesses – Broke fibula January 2008, broke wrist in October 2010 and missed rest of season, concussion against Colorado in 2012, played in a spread type offense, doesn’t have good zip on his throws when the target is about 20+ yards downfield, 4 INT’s and a fumble against Arizona state

    Zac Dysert (Miami OH)
    Strengths – Can throw accurately on the run, is mobile in the pocket, will run when he has no throwing options, usually recognizes when being pressured, always looking to throw the ball downfield, good on the long ball
    Weaknesses – Lacerated spleen in 2010, only 1 year of starting experience, not very fast, tries to throw when he should just be taking a sack, not a scrambling threat, needs to speed up his release, is not ready to be an NFL starter anytime soon, played out of the shotgun a lot

    To watch tape of any of these players just youtube the players name and vs. Ex. Geno Smith vs
  2. Wood Chipper

    Wood Chipper Fantasy Football Guru

    Sep 30, 2010
    Added Matt Scott
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