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Re: The Mock Draft

Discussion in 'NFL Discussions' started by pack_in_black, Nov 7, 2006.

  1. pack_in_black

    pack_in_black Cheesehead

    Likes Received:
    Aug 15, 2006
    Colorado Springs
    OK, I started to reply to the other mock draft thread, and got carried away. i didn't want to hijack the thread, so I made my own. Here's my take on the top ten if it were set today.

    #1- Ariz. would totally draft Charlie Weiss. What happened to D.G. ? "WE LET HIM OFF THE HOOK!"

    2. Oak. Umm, I'd say they need someone who understands that pass blocking means stopping the guy in front of you from running straight to your quarterback, ripping off his arms, and beating him over the helmet with the bloody stumps. At least for a second.

    3. Tenn. Brady Quinn. You can never have too many over-hyped, overpaid, over-confident QB's.

    4. Texans- If Domanick Davis= injury-prone, Adrian Peterson = injury-prone. Good pick.

    5. Lions- Calvin Johnson. In 06, they broke away from thier draft strategy of always, always, always going WR in the first round, and look what happens! Time for Detroit to get back to it's roots, aka "MillenBall".

    6. Phins- Some cat from LSU. Sabin's a total homer.

    7. Browns- Teddy Ginn. He stays in-state, and, true to the Curse of the New Browns, he breaks his ankle. Or wrist. Then gets a staph infection.

    8. Bucs- After this season's disappointment, they let Chris Simms go, making way for Gradkowski. Nothing against Chris, but it's more of an "Eff you" to his old man. Who doesn't hate Phil Simms? I mean, besides Phil Simms. Oh yeah, they'll pick Gaines Adams.

    9. Steelers- As long as I can remember, the Steelers have been a smashmouth team. Run the ball on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd down all game long. And every once in a while, just to mix it up, run it on 4th down, too. Then, they win a Superbowl. For some inexplicable reason, they think that it's cooler now to be a pass-happy, 40-point-per game offense. WTF? They draft a WR, change the playbook, and don't bother to replace Bettis. I think they'll continue with this delusion for at least another year and take Jeff Samarjzdah. Samarjuh. Samarzzah... whatever. WR, ND.

    10. Packers- Ah, the amazing Packers. In his first two years, TT has managed to get a guy who was regarded at some time as a viable #1 overall pick. Think about it. A-Rodge was supposed to be the best or second-best QB. We got him in the mid-20's (sue me, I forgot the exact pick). A.J. Hawk, aka Ace. Were it not for the Fresno State game, Hawk is in the discussion for 1 overall. If you doubt it, try playing EA's NFL Head coach. He goes 1st every time. Also, if Houston hadn't channeled both Isaiah Thomas and Matt Millen at once and passed up Reggie, Ace is wearing a Saints uni right now. So, even though the limited statistics show that we should end up with a guy everyone loves pre-draft, I think TT breaks form and picks ....... Laura Hawk!! That's right, AJ's wife, Brady Q's sister. She's a girl, so what? She's the sister of the greatest QB to never play the game! Husband to the greates.... ok, I'm not gonna jinx him, but he's pretty good! Not only would she play better at safety than our current, and perhaps an emergency #4 QB, this pick pays it's real dividends in 21-26 years, when her children are born into full ownership by the GB packers. I think. Anyway, you know those kids are gonna be studs.

    Edit: By #4, I mean fourth-string.

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