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Jan 15, 2005
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Atlanta, GA metro area
The Packers had a rough year. They finished 4 - 12, but most of their games were close. The highlight of the season was upsetting the Atlanta Falcons.
The Packers defense did improve from the 2004 Packers defense. Bates is a very good defensive coordinator. The defensive talent he had to work with was about par to the defensive talent on the 2004 Packers team.
The big statistic that cost the Packers was turnovers. Comparing the other stats the Packers outperformed their opponents in 2005. Games are not judged by how many yards you gain or how many first downs you get. Games are determined by how many points you score versus the other team. Turnovers are so very important and the Packers had far too many interceptions and fumbles.
The Packers offensive line might have been one of their worst in awhile, but they still only gave up 27 sacks, which is not bad for the NFL. The Packers offensive line lost their two best offensive linemen to free agency last year and their two top running backs to injuries and still help keep them in most games. Upgrading the offensive line would help, but they were not the reason the Packers went 4 - 12.
Brett Favre had many challenges to deal with in 2005. After early season injuries he had only one proven skill player and that was Donald Driver. Brett still tried to force the ball too often. 29 interceptions is a good reason for the Packers 4 - 12 record. Stupid fumbles added to the misery. Quite frankly Brett Favre did not play up to his 10 million dollar contract. He is still one of the better QBs in the NFL and with half as many turnovers he would still go to the NFL Pro Bowl even though he is on a 4 - 12 record team.
Overall the Packers played hard. Their work effort only disappointed me in the 1st Detroit Lions game and the Baltimore Ravens game.
Sherman had his faults too, but frankly I do not think the Packers can find a better head coach in 2006, so I would give him one more year.
Emotionally I would love to see Brett Favre play one more year. Brett must play better to earn his very high salary. If he does not the Packers might be better off spending that 10 million on 3 - 5 players who can have an immediate impact on the Packers future.

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