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Packers vs Falcons.

Discussion in 'Packer Fan Forum' started by Packerlifer, Oct 4, 2008.

  1. Packerlifer

    Packerlifer Cheesehead

    Sep 4, 2008
    Here's some statistical comparisons thru the first 4 games.

    League Rankins:

    Offense: Packers 15th Falcons 10th.
    Scoring: Packers 9th Falcons 16th
    Rushing: Packers 23rd Falcons 1st
    Passing; Packers 10th Falcons 26th

    Defense: Packers 26th Falcons 20th
    Points : Packers 23rd Falcons 20th
    Rushing: Packers 26th Falcons 23rd
    Passing: Packers 15th Falcons 13th

    Packers Offense vs. Falcons Defense:

    PPG: 27.3 -20.8
    YPG: 319.8 - 332.3
    Rush YPG: 93.5 - 131.3
    Pass.YPG: 226.3 - 201.0

    Packers Defense vs. Falcons Offense:

    PPG: 25.3 - 22.5
    YPG: 361.3 - 338.5
    Rush YPG 157.8 - 181.8
    Pass YPG: 203.8 - 156.8

    Common Opponents:

    Packers 48 Detroit 25 (at Det.), Packers 21 Tampa Bay 30 (at TB) Falcons 34 Detroit 21 (home) Falcons 9 Tampa Bay 24 (at TB.)

    Offense vs. Lions:
    Packers 447 Falcons 474
    Rush. 123 318
    Pass. 324 156

    Defense vs. Lions
    Packers 311 Falcons 316
    Rush. 49 70
    Pass. 262 246

    Offense vs. Bucs
    Packers 181 Falcons 234
    Pass. 153 129
    Rush. 28 105

    Defense vs. Bucs
    Packers 327 Falcons 311
    Rush 149 164
    Pass. 149 147
  2. Gunny Hartman

    Gunny Hartman Cheesehead

    Oct 4, 2008
    Looks like this is going to be a good game. The Falcons will win if Rodgers is out. If Rodgers plays then I give the edge to the Packers if he stays healthy against the Falcons' pass rush.
  3. Packerlifer

    Packerlifer Cheesehead

    Sep 4, 2008
    If they're minus Rodgers, the Packers will need the running game to really step up. If Grant & Jackson can get 125-150 yds. it will keep the pressure off Flynn to carry the team by passing.
    The Falcons will probably run on the Packers like everybody with any semblence of a backfield has done this season. But if the defense can stiffen in the red zone and not give up td's, the yardage totals won't matter as much.
    The Packers must bring heat on rookie qb Matt Ryan and get at least a 4-5 sack game in and pick off 2-3 throws. Returning one for a score would be a nice bonus.
    Special teams will be big in this one. Keeping the Falcons from getting good field position to start their drives will be essential. Returning a kick for a score may be necessary for the Packers.

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