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Packers status

Discussion in 'Packer Fan Forum' started by net, Sep 19, 2005.

  1. PackerTraxx

    PackerTraxx Cheesehead

    Mar 7, 2005
    It's a shame we didn't have someone better than MS not only to have taken advantage of our shot at the SB while the personell, coaches and players, were here, but to send Favre out on top. His era will be an era of bad decisions and missed opportunities.
  2. P@ck66

    P@ck66 Banned Banned

    Jun 5, 2005

    Just wait a cotton pickin' minute here and back the truck up....

    Is this Mike Sherman's first year coaching in the NFL.? Because your post sure seems to intimate that!

    "Sherman has been handed a bunch of rookies and fading veterans."

    Well who handed them to him net? Would the answer be Mike Sherman himself? Yes, it would....

    "My largest criticism to date is I think they farted around experimenting with people, that they never got the full team into a rhythm during the pre-season. By the time it happens, it could be too late."

    You've just explained Mike Sherman's tenure at Green Bay for the past 5 years in a nutshell..."farting around"....

    Isn't it the job of the HC and GM to take the talent that he has, add additional talent that he lacks, and develop a system geared towards the strengths of his football team by coaching, game planning, teaching, and motivating to create a better team year after year?

    Well...Sherman hasn't done anything near this in 5 years...as a matter of fact the Packers are "regressing" if anything, and have gotten worse..year in and year out...Ask yourself this..Why do the Carolina Panthers seem so much better than the Packers this year? Answer: Coaching...Attitude...John Fox...

    and DePack....

    the only reason that the Packers had a "legitimate" chance against the Eagles a few years ago was because of Brett Favre and the fact that he had a few more weapons around him back then, and a solid offensive line...He could not overcome, however, the handicap and deficiencies of his retarded coaches Sherman and Rossley, who could not make a good game time decision if their lives depended on it...They sh!t their pants on the sideline when the pressure is on and freeze up--making the most boneheaded decisions imaginable.....(for your information....you TAKE the field goal before half-time instead of running a slow developing counter play near the goal line on 4th down and getting STUFFED...AND you GO FOR IT in the 4th quarter with 4th and inches on the Eagles 37 yard line when the Eagle defense is on their heels and sucking wind..unable to stop your running game....MORONS!..)
  3. Greg C.

    Greg C. Cheesehead

    May 31, 2005
    I agree that they should've gone for it on fourth down against the Eagles, P@ck66, but it was not fourth and inches, it was fourth and a yard and a half.

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