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Packers 27 Lions 15- Suh makes excuses

Discussion in 'Packer Articles' started by Travis Duncan, Nov 24, 2011.

By Travis Duncan on Nov 24, 2011 at 7:18 PM
  1. Travis Duncan

    Travis Duncan Cheesehead

    Sep 2, 2011
    Green Bay Packers outside linebacker Clay Matthews (52) intercepts a pass intended for Detroit Lions tight end Brandon Pettigrew (87) during game action. The Green Bay Packers defeated the Detroit Lions by the score of 27-15 at Ford Field in Detroit, MI. ICON SMI

    Sometimes the coverup is worse than the crime so to speak.

    After Ndamukong Suh clearly shoved Evan Dietrich-Smith's head into the ground, then kicked him, and was ejected, the Lions decided to let the man now known as the "dirtiest player in the NFL" to talk to the media.

    He first addressed the cameras by saying "First and foremost I’m only going to apologize to my teammates, my coaches, and my true fans."

    But then he denied doing anything intentional.

    He said "Not by any means [did I intentionally kick anyone]. I understand in this world because of the type of player and type of person I am, all eyes are on me. So why would I do something to jeopardize myself and jeopardize my team first and foremost."

    Suh further tried to explain himself:

    "I was on top of a guy being pulled down and trying to get up off the ground, why you see me pushing his helmet down, because I’m trying to remove myself from the situation and as I’m getting up, I’m getting pushed, so I’m getting myself on balance and getting out of the situation. Which, with that, a lot of people are going to interpret it as, or create their own storylines for seeing what they want to interpret it, but I know what I did and the man upstairs knows what I did.”

    "I don’t do bad things, and I have no intention to hurt somebody. If I want to hurt him, I’m going to hit his quarterback, as I did throughout that game.”

    "The leg motion? I’m on one leg and I’m trying to get out of myself at the same time being pushed by his teammates, so where, how am I supposed to do anything else?”

    Suh surely didn't help his cause, at least in the area of public opinion which he claims he doesn't care about anyhow.

    How will the NFL address Suh's actions?

    Mike Pereira, a former vice president of officiating for the NFL, says he expects Suh will be suspended.

    "Multiple game suspension coming. Stomping on a guy is way over the line. He's not a dirty
    player, he's a filthy player." Pereira made those comments on Twitter.

    All things considered the Lions weren't able to get to Rodgers as many times as they needed to stop him with a zone defense look as pointed by ESPN analyst Trent Dilfer.

    Aaron Rodgers completed 22 of 33 passes for 307 yards and 2 TDs. Not a bad day for the Packers offense, which made a good Detroit defense look average.

    "They’re a good opponent, got a real good defense, and we were able to, I believe, (allow) no sacks," said Rodgers. "[The offensive line] did a nice job of giving me some time in the pocket.”

    Rodgers was officially sacked twice, in the third quarter by Cliff Avril which forced a fumble recovered by Bryan Bulaga. and in the early part of the fourth quarter by Justin Durant.

    The Packers on the flip side played very well defensively picking off three of Matthew Stafford's passes. It is also clear that this Packers defense will give up yardage, and that is OK-because they're not giving up points. They allowed the Lions 273 passing yards and 136 on the ground but in reality just eight points, not counting the late TD in the final minute.

    "Well it shows what we are capable of," Clay Matthews said. "Obviously, we had a dominating performance against the Vikings and we kind of took a step back with last week’s performance, this week we did some good things as well as some bad things."

    Mike McCarthy was obviously pleased:

    "I felt it was an excellent character win for our football team," the Packers coach said.

    "Something we talked about at halftime. (It was) a tough day for both teams. A lot of injuries throughout the game, but both teams had to play with players and different personnel (groups) and so forth, so I’m very proud of our football team to fight through adversity."

    The Packers did quite well with the short week and will now enjoy 10 days before their next challenge December 4th at the New York Giants.


Discussion in 'Packer Articles' started by Travis Duncan, Nov 24, 2011.

    1. LudaDave
      Great win for the Packers! 11-0, how cool is that? Suh is bush league IMHO after watching video of the play a few times it doesn't look at all like he was trying to get out of anything. He got his butt whooped on that play and he knew it, then he threw a tantrum. Seems like that is the kind of attitude fostered in Detroit, just look at the tantrum the head coach had after "the handshake" as well as just about every other play during a game. 3 cheers to the Green Bay Packers organization for being a class act and here's to 19-0!!
    2. bradwillrockyou
      And then Suh had the nerve to say something about "the man upstairs" supporting his actions or some nonsense. Wow. That guy is a Grade- A tool. I wish him nothing but pain and shame.
    3. greenandgold
      Unless his man upstairs is the Lions owner.......................
    4. guyster60
      he should be suspendid for at least two games .

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