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Packer pf.com site historian thoughts on Brett Favre

Discussion in 'Packer Fan Forum' started by PWT36, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. PWT36

    PWT36 Cheesehead

    Apr 15, 2005
    Packer fan posters on packerforum .com

    This is my first post concerning Brett Favre's retirement.

    I really haven't come up the right words concerning my thoughts about Packer Quarterback Brett Favre. There are some posters who came up with some of same thoughts, I have had , concerning this 17 year NFL veteran retired Green Bay Packer quarterback. Some posters have said it ,probably better than I could.

    I will simply say, I have been watching Farve for 16 years,some sometimes I would say during a Packer game, when Brett would make a spectacular play: How did he do that!!! & later, he'd make a gunslingger type of play that backfired, I would say , why did he do that!!!

    Mike Holmgren had a simpler way to shout it out.. When Brett Favre would pull a "bone headed" play, Former Packer Head Coach Mike Holmgren would yell NO!! NO!! and when the play would actually work. Packer head Coach Mike Holmgren would simply yell; Yes!! Yes!! .

    I will simply let this unkown poet say it , probably much better than this Old Green Bay born and raised longtime Green Bay Packer fan of over 60 years, can say it!!!.

    Here is a Brett Favre Poem. "An Ode to Brett Favre". Poet unknown.


    Deep in the south in '69
    On an early October morn
    Unbeknownst to anyone at the time
    A legend there was born

    Nothing remarkable about him
    Nothing special, no not yet
    He was part French and Choctaw
    They named the baby Brett

    His beginnings were quite humble
    No thoughts of future fame
    But as the boy grew older
    You could tell the kid had game

    Even with his father as the coach
    His full talents were still unknown
    Because the high school ran an offense
    They called the old wishbone

    In college they wanted him to play
    As a rangy defensive back
    But Brett was resolute, insisting
    That he would play quarterback

    He was buried as a freshman
    Far down on the team's depth chart
    But by the very third game that year
    He got a chance to start

    He led the team to victory
    His waiting now was over
    And his reputation also grew
    He had played with a hangover

    In the summer before his senior year
    A car wreck, contusions, cuts
    They took out part of his intestine
    But he still had plenty of guts

    For six weeks later he took the field
    Against the storied team from Alabama
    Led his team to a comeback win
    His first larger-than-life panorama

    The Falcons took him in the second round
    But his abilities were not brought forth
    And after just a year with them
    He was traded to the frozen north

    And there it was, in Green Bay
    Where this legend would be carved
    For sixteen years the terms synonymous
    Green Bay Packers and Brett Favre

    It was not long before he started
    Amidst some boos and cheers
    It would be the start of a very special streak
    That would last for sixteen years

    He had a rocket for an arm
    And that aw-shucks southern drawl
    Every game he played with zest
    You know he had a ball

    The Packer fans soon fell in love
    Where did we get this ringer
    Green Bay didn't have a new sheriff in town
    No, they had a new gunslinger

    He was a blue-collar hero
    Hard-working, rugged, tough
    No fur coats or limousines
    Or any of that fancy stuff

    He did not act like royalty
    Before whom all must kneel
    But in a way he was a king
    His castle, Lambeau Field

    Some players are not likable
    Some engender fear
    But Brett was the type of player
    With whom you'd like to share a beer

    He was a fierce competitor
    But he played the game with joy
    Although he was a man among the men
    You saw inside a little boy

    Who after throwing a touchdown pass
    Would jump and scream and yell
    And when faced with triple coverage
    He'd fling it, what the hell

    He made plays that were impossible
    That no human could explain
    He played through much adversity
    Some sorrow and some pain

    He was a most valuable player
    He achieved record-setting goals
    And the ultimate victory
    Winning one of two Super Bowls

    But perhaps the greatest game he ever played
    That showed what he had inside
    Was when he played a football game
    The day after his father died

    Four touchdown passes in the first half
    A 41-7 victory
    His performance an inspiration
    For the entire world to see

    You saw an athlete par excellence
    And a son so filled with love
    He played the game of his career
    For his father up above

    Packer fans already adored him
    They could not love him more
    But on that cold December night
    He was loved from shore to shore

    He played football for a living
    What appealed to us, the mob
    Was that he never made it seem
    Like to him it was just a job

    He had that competitive spirit
    He played it clean and hard
    He'd play the same in the Superdome
    As he would in your back yard

    And just like every one of us
    He was imperfect, with some flaws
    But his striving for perfection
    Was what garnered our applause

    And at the twilight of his career
    Many thought it was time to go
    He came back for another year
    And man was it a show

    The gray-bearded grizzled veteran
    Led an inexperienced crew
    But once again he showed us all
    The amazing things that he could do

    Against all of their enemies
    He led the charge, attack
    He reminded everyone again
    He was leader of the Pack

    They exceeded all expectations
    The season was a charm
    And most of the team's good fortunes
    Rested on ol' Brett's arm

    Calendar said he was thirty-eight
    But he played like twenty-one
    That ever-infectious grin of his
    Showed he was having so much fun

    And with the old gunslinger
    Fans hopes they were a'raisin'
    They knew he would not go down
    Without both guns a'blazin'

    We wished for a Cinderella story
    A happy ending of that sort
    But though they came so awfully close
    The Packers fell just short

    And perhaps it was meant to be
    Though it makes one almost cry
    That his career would come to an end
    On a pass that went awry

    So now he's said it's time for him
    To move on with his life
    To devote more time to things he's missed
    Like his children and his wife

    We greet this with mixed emotions
    For he is deserving of a rest
    But selfishly we wonder how
    We'll get along without the best

    Our heads say we're overreacting
    After all, football's just a game
    But our hearts know with Brett not there
    It will just not be the same

    So we bid goodbye to the gunslinger
    As a warrior, none were braver
    We thank you for the joy you brought us
    And for all the memories we will savor

    We can picture you enjoying retirement
    With perhaps but one small hitch
    Every Sunday come September
    The fingers will start to twitch

    And when your time on Earth is done
    And you're at the pearly gate
    We see St. Peter toss you the ball
    And say "Brett, it's 3rd and eight"

    If you can complete this one last pass
    This final game you'll win
    If you can score a touchdown
    Into heaven we'll let you in

    And Brett drops back so comfortably
    One more time the ball he flings
    Right through the seraphim and cherubim
    Just beyond their outstretched wings

    And into a waiting angel's arms
    The pass so pure and sweet
    Even among the angelic crowd
    No one can believe this feat

    Heavenly trumpets blare the sound
    Angels cheer and laugh
    God instructs His assistant
    To get Brett's autograph

    So while on earth all football fans
    His passing they will weep
    Brett will enter the Eternal Football League
    With, of course, a Lambeau leap!! "

  2. cheesey

    cheesey Cheesehead

    Nov 24, 2005
    Sweet, Phil.
  3. Zombieslayer

    Zombieslayer Cheesehead

    Aug 12, 2006
    Back when I was single, chicks used to send me poems to read. I'd pretend to read them and say I liked them.

    This one I actually read.

    It was good.
  4. yooperfan

    yooperfan Cheesehead

    Dec 4, 2004
    Great poem!
  5. Heatherthepackgirl

    Heatherthepackgirl Cheesehead

    Nov 22, 2005
    It was very good.
  6. ElleBlue

    ElleBlue Cheesehead

    Jan 18, 2008
    Great poem, Phil!

    I was reading this as I was listening to a sad sad song ("Roads" by Portishead) a song about departure. Between the song and the poem, I'm about to shed some tears.

    We'll all miss Favre. I just remember for 16 years, being a fan of that special team. Even people who rooted for other teams had a certain respect for Favre. Quasi football fans, who somewhat cheered for other teams would not be able to name one other Packer. But they knew Favre!
  7. Packers_Finland

    Packers_Finland Cheesehead

    Sep 22, 2006
    Best poem I've ever read.
  8. PackerChick

    PackerChick Cheesehead

    Jun 3, 2005
    So Sweet.
  9. Jamie

    Jamie Cheesehead

    Feb 5, 2008
    That was a very nice poem. Thanks for sharing it with everyone.
  10. BangTheDrum

    BangTheDrum Cheesehead

    May 7, 2007
    LONGEST POEM IN HISTORY... it is good tho
  11. Zombieslayer

    Zombieslayer Cheesehead

    Aug 12, 2006
    A Portishead fan, huh?

    I'll keep that in mind if you come over for a barbecue or something. I'll hide my razor blades. ;)

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