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Packer Passing Playbook, Tecmoized.

Discussion in 'Packer Fan Forum' started by Bogart, Oct 2, 2011.

  1. Bogart

    Bogart Duke Mantee

    Jan 26, 2011
    After going through plays on Tecmo Super Bowl for the SNES, I have constructed from the plays in the game, what I believe best represent plays the Pack runs today

    Standard formation (2 WR (Jennings and Driver), 1 TE (Finley), 1 RB (Starks/Grant)


    First play runs similar to those loop routes, as you can see with the loop to sling the ball to Jennings or Driver. The middle is for the TE, and then that slant route coming out of the backfield is a possible screen (I run this screen a lot with this play on the old Tecmo Super Bowl with the Browns and Colts)

    Second play is the ultimate deep threat in Tecmo Bowl outside the Shotgun formation. You see the long route and slant, that's for your first receiver (I would say Jennings). Then you have the middle passage for a TE to pass to over the middle, and that other long slanting route is your second receiver. You also have the option of tossing out to both a FB and an RB if your guys are covered down the field. This play to me belongs in a Packer playbook if I was accurately doing a 2010 or 2011 playbook. For the original Tecmo I just have 3 words for this play; Young to Rice. You can easily burn the hell out of a defense running that route to Rice, and that's why it's my favorite play in the entire game.

    Third play is similar to the first one, and a very common pass play from Tecmo. You have your tight end that slowly goes down the field to slant in the middle, one main WR going straight to the left, and then you second WR does the loop for an easy 1st down. If no one is open, I like to toss up the middle to the RB that's open as the 5th option. This play would fit in a Tecmo Packers book for the slant up the middle to Finley. I can see them running this.

    The fourth play is a play-action route. Play-action, roll out your right (Good for fighting off a blitz) You have your 1st WR go all the way down the field, then an option of a quick screen to your FB (Would be Kuhn in this case) or another short route to your second receiver. Not accurate, this is the closest play I could get to the long 50 yard pass to Jordy Nelson today, and that long bomb to Nelson back in Carolina

    Standard Formation switch to 2 WR's on the right.


    This formation is just a shift with 2 WR's lined up on the right (or left), same play makers from the standard formation.

    First play is a shift motion from another formation to the 2 WR set up. This play is all about play-action. Play-action, then roll out to your right, and you'll have 4 options. The RB goes down the left if you want to take a deep shot. But you have your first WR going deep too, your second WR is in the inside for that short curve, or more importantly, the TE rolls to the right for the easy pass. I can see the Packers using this last week under all that pressure from Chicago to get the ball to Finley with the short route.

    Third play is the one and only true "Hail Mary" outside of the Shotgun. Play-action, and then you have 3 deep route receivers (one is an RB), but in case no one is open, your TE moves to the middle for an easier pass. Key west coast offense play in Tecmo, and it reminds me of the play-action deep passes we've seen the Packers run. This play has been in many Tecmo roms of the Packers since McCarthy's arrival, and currently is a passing play in the 2012 rom.

    Second play is a quick route, and an easy one for those 3rd down situations. The loop route would be the first receiver (Jennings). Then the one crossing in the middle is the TE, and then that other route goes down field in a curve to the middle, that's your 2nd WR. This reminds me of the deep ball the Pack has been playing that you don't really expect. Not hard to imagine Rodgers going that 3rd option on this play and throwing deep for Nelson or Driver.

    Third play is the one and only true "Hail Mary" outside of the Shotgun. Play-action, and then you have 3 deep route receivers (one is an RB), but in case no one is open, your TE moves to the middle for an easier pass. Key west coast offense play in Tecmo, and it reminds me of the play-action deep passes we've seen the Packers run.

    Fourth play is what I would call the "power" of this formation. You have your RB run in motion down the side, this may not seem like much of a deal, but it is. When the play starts, you have your first WR, and your RB running straight routes down the left and right. Your 2nd WR goes down the middle, and then the TE is curved off to the side for an easy throw. Then finally, no one open? There is the FB out to the back. I run this play a lot when I need yards with the 49ers. There was a play in the Super Bowl, that big pass to Jennings for a first down in the 4th quarter, his route sorta reminded me of this play.

    4 WIDE RECEIVERS (4 WR set: Jennings, Driver, Nelson, Jones/Cobb/Finley)


    These plays we've all seen ran in similar routes last season, and probably what I think is the best of these plays according to how the Pack are.

    First play is a 5 wide option. Your RB runs out to the left for a quick screen if you want that. TE goes to the middle, then you have your first WR racing down the left on a short route, and the other 2 WR's (bottom corner routes of the picture) the first one races down in a curve, and the second goes some way, and stops.

    Second play has been in many Tecmo roms of the Pack the last few years. 2 Inside routes, and on the opposite 2 deep routes. I can see them running this play with Cobb and Nelson, one being a quick route, while the other is a deep threat with Jennings.

    Third play is a Trips style formation, and the only one I'd throw Finley in. If it was me, I'd want Finley as the 3rd option in the picture for an inside route. You have the first and last receiver races in straight routes (For my money Jennings and Driver) and then second one that moves up the middle, is your tricky one that is almost always going to be covered.

    Fourth play was also in some Tecmo roms last season for the Packers, you have the option for a quick screen out the backfield. Your first Receiver will race down the straight route to go deep, then slightly slant, while the second option moves to the middle, in case you need that quick route. Your last 2 receivers race down the same route, the 3rd one being slightly more faster than the second.

    SHOTGUN FORMATION (3 WR (Jennings, Driver, Nelson/Cobb/Jones, 1 TE (Finley), 1 RB (Starks/Grant)


    The first play is for a quick first down with a box style route to throw to in need to collect those extra yards. There is also the RB to throw a screen too if you want to. This is what I'd use to represent the shotgun passes for an easy first down.

    Second play is rather a tricky one, with the first WR moving off the side before the play is snapped. This play was in the original Packers book of Tecmo, and I still like it to this day. You can see Jennings moving out for that quick route up the middle, with lots of room for blocks to run. Your TE in this play is the straight route on top of the picture.

    Third play, the regular shotgun pass is what I call this. Plenty of options to throw to, you can go deep for your first WR, up the middle for the second WR, or down the side for the TE running the straight route. I can see Finley and Jennings playing deep ball with this play.

    Fourth and final play is an alternated version of the third one, with routes in the middle. If it was me, I'd move the TE to go in the middle, so I'd have both my deep threats being wide receivers. This play was in the 2009 Packers rom of the SNES.

    Of course this is all a matter of opinion, I put thought into it, and this is what I believe would be the only real Tecmo Super Bowl Packers play book would be a 4 page playbook of passes. In Tecmo 3 I think you had 2 pages of pass plays, shame it's not in the first game.

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