Packer o-line....where's the chatter?


Jun 4, 2005
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To me, there's three compelling stories in this training camp...

1)The defense under Bates...especially the secondary competition.
2)Bubba Franks
3)Who comprises the offensive line.

The Brad Bedell injury the other day got the reporters covering the Packers to look at something other than Javon Walker. Who is in the lead to replace Wahle and Rivera?

Here's an interesting twist: Chris White. Apparently he's this years Scott Wells. With Flanagan in his final year of a contract...age...Ruegemer around...could the Packers cut Flanagan? Not likely, but do you ashcan a promising rookie for a guy who is likely in his last year and oft-injured?

Steve Morley was paid 100K to come to Green Bay and is scraping by as the 2-3 backup tackle. Keep or go?

Kevin Barry...last year of you keep him in reserve knowing he will be getting a contract elsewhere(in all liklihood next year).

Is Klemm fast enough to be pulling guard?

Is O'Dwyre anything more than an "average" guard as one coach on another team billed him?

Do you keep Coston and Whittaker around? It's not unlike the secondary where Freeman and Little are starters, but Rogers and Underwood will likely be there next year.

Lots of questions...wouldn't it be nice if one of the "access" guys starting asking?


Apr 14, 2005
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Citrus Heights CA
If there was a problem it would be discussed. It seems clear to me.

I think they keep 4 tackles(Beddell and Barry reserves), 2 Centers, and 3 Guards plus long snapper.

Klemm and Ruegamer are there. If O'Dwyer does not start he is cut and one of the rookies makes it. Otherwise Coston and Whittaker cut with a good shot at practice squad.

It's a harsh reality but good players will get cut. The good thing is that another team would have to put them on their 53 player squad to grab them.

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