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Jan 31, 2011
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Milwaukee, WI
Sometimes faith is a hard thing to keep.


2008 loss to the Saints:

PackerFan4 said:
This defense sucks. It's unreal they can play fantastic against Chicago...but become the leaky faucet against the Saint's.

I think we can pretty much kiss the playoffs goodbye at this juncture....this whole game ****** me off. Sanders should be fired....this is utterly pathetic. They had NO inspiration to play...

yourout said:
Sanders should have been fired on the spot after only rushing 3 on the third and 16.

c_mac said:
In this economy it is shameful to flaunt and waste the kind of money the Packers did by flying a group of guys down to New Orleans to suit up. If this was the kind of effort they were gonna give then they might as well have stayed home, forfeited the game, and donated all game checks to a charity.

Lambow said:
I cant believe this is the same team that almost went to the Super Bowl last year. What a joke. The defense is making NO look like an actual football team, of which they are not. And just for good measure, Rodgers sucks but he's TT's boyfriend so it matters not. the games not over but even if they barely beat the aints you really cant call that a win.

Packer_Backer85 said:
Yep. Don't know what happened. Quite ridiculous. Defense couldn't make a stop to save their lives. Just watched the last touchdown run. I turned the game off. I can't watch this crap. Straight garbage. Like someone else said, they should've just stayed home and donated the money they spent to charity. I can't watch this. Ridiculous. Best hope I have for the season is for us to beat the Bears again. And that's a long shot.

Is that what you called coaching? MM is a terrible coach. It started when they were down by ten, and after a five yard run, he chooses to make the wrong pass. Obviously, from the last three long passes AR was off on, he couldn't make the long ball accurately. So what's he do, dial up a long pass play. WHY DOES HE GET AWAY FROM THE RUN SO MUCH?!

Do you see how successful we were last week? You know why that is? Because we ran the f-ing ball. That's why. We ran first, passed second. I don't understand why MM gets away from the run so much, maybe because it's for his ******* he has for A-Rod. But I don't know what we need, the number three pass defense going into the game, now probably dropped to under tenth. The most ridiculous play I've ever seen in my life. I can't watch this crap. It's ugly, real ugly.

2009 playoff loss:

Travis said:
McCarthey is responsible for the team, that includes the defense and preparing every week. Considering the terrible start, and the rotten defense today, I'd say he took the first game for granted.

Murgen said:
Too bad the Refs forgot to put in their contacts in for OT. That should have been 15 yards and a 1st. Thank you ****HEADS! I'm starting to think they are told to hold the penalties in OT to make it as exciting as possible because then you have endings like this. Exciting endings are good drama for the NFL. They hold the penalties for the team they want to win. Call me a paranoid, but after the NBA ref scandal, I don't trust refs at all in any sport.

Considering the Word Cup Games, Olympics have been plain out fixed and NBA games have been tweaked to make the playoffs more exciting. I dunno. I'm really starting to wonder if Refs are truly unbiased and if the NFL isn't managing how games are called to make for more exciting games.

styme33 said:
Thompson, McCarthy, and Capers: take your legacy and shove it up your ***. Take Rodgers and Crosby with you, too. First play of the game Rodgers? Really? He's an NFL quarterback and he doesn't know to throw the ball away? I learned that in Pop Warner!!! In OT, an OVERTHROW?!?!?!?!?!? Hey, TT, pay him another million, maybe he'll overthrown by three yards next year!!! ********. Oh, by the way, Favre is resting this week because he lead his team to a BYE!!! Good thing you traded him TT! Nice "legacy."

I'm sick of this ****. This team sucks, this management sucks, and weasels suck too (I just don't like weasels, that's all).

Kick me off this board if you want admin, I don't give a ****. After 37 years (yes, that's 37 years, and three generations) of being a pack fan, I'm sick of this ******* ****. **** you TT/MM, you're both ******* IDIOTS!!!!

PackersRS said:
About the refs, I like how the answers to nominated plays are countered with hypoteticals... "It happens everytime". GIVE ME A BREAK! There were pointed plays were we were hurt by the officials, key plays, that would've altered the result of the game, and until there's nominal evidence of were we were beneficiated by the refs, and evidence that it was in the same intensity we were prejudicated by them, it's undisputable that the officiating influenced in favor of the Arizona Cardinals.

Again, as it happened in the Steelers game, in the key drive of the match, more than one time, we were prejudicated by the officials.

2009 loss to 0-7 Tampa Bay Bucs

WNCPackerfan said:
How embarrassing...

Despite unbelievably poor play from Rodgers (just how long can you hold onto the ball today there buddy?) and the offensive line (ummm...can you guys block anymore?), the special teams takes the prize for one of the worst performances this season. Pathetic...

This is sadly huge, and in a bad way. 5-3 and we are still in the hunt. 4-4 pretty much dooms us to hoping for miracles.

We probably need to finish no less than 7-1 the rest of the way to get into the playoffs. We can't do that playing like we have the last two weeks. This was truly a pathetic effort.

Travis said:
I gotta think after watching another disappointing performance by Rogers and McCarthy, that someone besides me realizes things have to change. Rogers doesn't seem to be equipped mentally to win a college game, let alone an NFL game. I question McCarthy's decision to keep playing him every week when he obviously can't make a decision or move his feet, in the pocket.

gute said:
I'm so disgusted with this loss. Sure, we are still .500, but we lost to a 0-7 team? The OL was horrible again. Rodgers held the ball too long again. I'd can MM right now and TT at the end of the season. This loss falls squarelly on the shoulders of MM. I'm gonna puke.

danielchile said:
Every single week we see Rodgers get trounced by that crappy OL and lots of penalties. On that last drive, Rodgers scrambles for the 1st down and colledge get penalized with a holding call...

We are on week 9 and MM doesn't address this kinds of problem. C'mon!

PackersRS said:
It's pad levels and fundamentals, really...


mitchdigger said:
This team lacks discipline and fire - a direct
reflection of the coaching and upper management.

Does anyone really believe we'll make the playoffs?

We have some talent but no direction.
I am disgusted

Travis said:
I'm disgusted too, week after week we see the same disappointment. When you look at McCarthy you certainly don't see "fire". No wonder Rodgers looks like he'd rather be someplace else. He sure plays that way. They need some new blood. The Packer's winning tradition is quickly becoming a memory.

doughsellz said:
Wow. I didn't get to see the game here (friggin' FOX affiliate showed "Godzilla" instead of NFL today). Rodgers got outplayed by the crafty vet last week & a greenhorn rookie today? My how far this team's collective heart has slipped.

How does this team not keep a 28-17 4th quarter lead? 4-4 now means playoffs are fading quickly. ATL is hot now & so is PHI & DAL. There's little margin for error in the homestretch. Get it together gentlemen.

Go Pack GO!

Ted just go. Please. MM is our coach & I repsect the position he holds in GB to the utmost. He's only a small part of this problem. Coaches can only coach. Players that need more motivation to play aren't worth having for let's not fault MM for some of the players not being "up" for these games.

tripleguy said:
I can't take it anymore - just have to bust. Favre is not the answer. Both losses to the Queens would have happend if we swapped QBs. The problem is not at the QB position. You don't fit personnel to the defensive scheme - you fit the scheme to the defense. You don't run a zone blocking scheme - Rosie O'Donnell said "if executed properly the zone blocking scheme is impossible to stop." He should have added, "it's almost impossible to properly execute a zone blocking scheme." You don't ignore of deminish the value of the offensive line. You don't deminish the value of special teams. You don't allow your team to be undisciplined. You use scren passes and play action to slow down an aggressive defense. You design plays with short, 2 step drops and slant passes if your offensive line is offensive. This I learned in 8th grade football.

Bottom line - TT and MM must be shown the door. IMO, Favre didn't want to come back to GB and forced the Packer's hand. This had been brewing since Sherman was shown the door and TT refused to acquire Moss. I can't blame Favre but the way he handled himself was class-less and showed no respect for the team. I don't know how any true Packer's fan can still want to lick the sweat from his jock. Those fans disgust me.

BUDW said:
Stock holders, send a message fire TT and fat *** now!

Dan115 said:
Main Switchboard: 920.569.7500 Call The Packers office. Let them know how you feel.

AzPackerfan said:
After watching this crappy game, I have lost my faith in McCarthy and I hope they send him Packing tomorrow along with half his staff. Bring in Cowher or Dungy to coach this team the rest of the way out. If TT doesn't make any good trades in the offseason, toss him out on his ear too!

own3dhs said:
wow.. this is just sad. depressing. embarrassing. terrible. i have never been so upset at the team.. except for the 07 nfc game.. but that was just at favre....

please leave TT and McCarthy. We want Holmgren!

mitchdigger said:
If you are the GM of an NFL team you can go after free agent players 2 ways - first you can play the bidding game, make offers, try to get them cheap, or, secondly, you can do whatever it takes to bring the player into the fold. Remember Reggie?
TT is a lousy GM, and I defended him 'till now.
We need CHANGE!

Vgolfmaster said:
Sorry all you die-hards, and yes, I was once one too.....

You might all wish to thank Brett next time he is in town, instead of booing him. You see, some of us have been calling out TT ever since the Favre debacle, and many others are finally starting to catch on.

Brett and Ted didn't see eye to eye, and Ted decided to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Brett decided to fight back the only way he could, with the pigskin in his hands.

And for all of this, the pressure is FINALLY getting directed where it should have been the entire time, on Ted.

Was this Bretts plan?

Was it snakey?

But what Brett has done is PROVED that a team built through the draft AND free agency could be successful with him at the helm. He has now exposed the inadequacy of Ted Thompson, and deservedly so. And believe it or not, the Packers will be a better team for it. Ted now has NO OPTION but to address these issues, or get run out of town. Either way, the Packers improve. I'll leave it up to you to determine which would be more of an improvement.

For me, I'm wishing for Ted to go. Take the handcuffs of of Mike and let him coach. Unfortunately, I'll bet Ted tries to throw this on coaches and use them as his scapegoats. I can only hope that Pack Nation catches on, and puts the heat on Ted before this happens.

Ted, you got beat. Arie Fleischer isn't going to be enough to save you this time. You train will be leaving the station soon. Good riddance.

nelanator said:
I think that it is time to realize that this team just isn't that good regardless of who is coaching them. You've got a dreadful OLine, a mediocre at best running attack, a QB you can put up big, arguably empty, numbers but can't play from behind to save his life (plus his inadequacies like holding onto the ball to long play right into the team's biggest weakness in pass protection).

On defense the front 7 has two [good] guys that fit well in the scheme with Matthews and Raji but the jury is still out on what kind of players they will become. Then you've got a solid saftey in Collins with no depth behind him. Then there are two solid but aging corners with no depth behind them. Finally, the special teams are well below average.

Add it all together and you've got a team that is average at best that is 4-4 with a pretty weak schedule having beat 4 bottom feeders, lost to one bottom feeder, and lost to the three teams they've played that are actually worth a damn.

It's natural for fans to overrate the talent on their teams' rosters but wake up, guys.

Also, you can sit back and say "well all we have to do is this and this and this and this and we're contenders again." But the thing is that all but the most dysfunctional teams in the league can say that! With the disparity in the league nowadays every team just has to had a couple of more pieces to be contenders, or at least their fans think so. Of course, the difference between those fans' teams and the Packers is that most teams are more active in getting those pieces than TT is. But that is another story.

2010 loss to DA BEARS

Sunshine885500 said:
I can't wait to get the Bears ***** in Lambeau Field. I have never seen a more lopsided game. The Packers committed penalties but the Refs most definitely helped them. That Personal Foul against Zombo was BS period as was the penalty on Nick Collins. He didn't slam the guy to the ground. The guy was trying to get free. Bull **** Game. Bull **** Game!

armand34 said:
loss was b/c of penalties & special teams, there ya go, problem not fixed MM, WTF, the godammn chiefts have better coaching and special teams then us, ARE YOU F-IN KIDDING ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KilrB said:
Lets see... One of the best pass rushing teams (Packers) goes up agains one of the Worst O-lines (Bears)

What 1 holding call?

Lame, old, only leads with the helmet tackling Bears defense goes up against one of this years most unpenalised teams. A Record setting pentaly game for the Packers!

Hey NFL refs. If your going to get paid off by the turds in THE MOST CORRUPT CITY IN THE US. Try to make it look like you didnt get paid off and call a few the other way.

This game was a joke.

If you think I am joking ask Calvin Johnson.

Mr. StyleZ said:
Reasons we lost

1. penalties (we tied a record or some ****.)
2. a terrible o-line (clifton is done, tauscher is a centimeter away from being done)
3. MM (how calm can you be when your team commits what 17? 18 penalties i forgot)
4. special teams coverage.

MoleinQueensLand said:
. . . just watching the sheer stupidity of the team.

The team set a 92(?) year record in penalties (1, resulting in unbelievable yardage and turnover reversals.

The special teams play absolutely supported 17 points to the Bears !

This foolishness is right up there with the 2009 loss to Tampa Bay, actually charging up an inferior team by beating themselves up in front of the opposition.

My God I'm disappointed. Shawn needs to make a public statement of apology, re: special teams.

I have to go take an alka-seltzer.

dogpackerz said:
and the 5th reason is : MIKE MCCARTHY.... WTF is he throwing the ******** red flag... thats why you have the guys in the booth replaying that shizit

dbain21 said:
honestly feel pretty sick at how pathetic they looked out there. Usually when facing the bears half of the penalties that go in favor of the bears, or against the opposing team are b.s. cause of the homefield advantage refs give them-almost like they're afraid to call penalties on the bears. BUT this game that was not the case, I thought most of the penalties (except the last pass interference on burnett) were all our fault. The packers lost that game no dought about it. now we can hear about the bears being the best in the division till we get back on top. Man it sucks to live near chicago...

bglynn10 said:
Exactly, there should have been at least 3 picks against Cutler. Piece of **** inexperienced rookies plus a line that doesn't know how not to hold is what lost the game.

JCpackers04 said:
i am extremely disappointed from this game. unbelievable. 18 penalties is absolutely absurd. Cutler was his usual inconsistent self, and got lucky that 2 or 3 interceptions were called back. our run game is pathetic, Kuhn (sp?) is better than Jackson already, if this game was in the winter our lack of run game would have killed us even more. wtf were they thinking when they didnt let the bears score to give themselves a minute to drive down the field and tie? ridiculous, incredibly stupid decision, doesnt make any sense on any level. extremely disappointed in so many different things from this game. thought we were gonna escape 3-0 but denied by ourselves.

styme33 said:
Why would you question the wisdom of the all-mighty McCarthy? He's a genius! In friggin opposite world.

Irish-Sweetness said:
Matthews ? Who? Oh, hairstyle .... didn't see much of him, no. 3-0. BEar Down fudgers ! Sweet. Losing the close ones is what keeps you out of the playoffs. We'll lay the smack down in Lambeau too remember. (Bears lost in Lambeau Field 10-3, and again in Soldier Field in the NFC Championship. Somebody oughta e-mail this guy.)

Kitten said:
Sometimes it's hard to gather your thoughts after a loss when you take it right to the heart. Losing is hard enough when you lose to a team that outplayed you and you know in your heart you deserved to lose. But to lose a game you know for all intents and purposes you should of won is harder still. We must keep in perspective the dynamics of this loss. Officiating, penalties, opportunities lost. It's hard to take it when you know you are so much better than this. But may we take this loss and learn from it so we can grow stronger. To me that's what a championship caliber team does. It's not how hard you lose, it's where you go from it. What we do next week can determine so much of our destiny. Our strength, our raw talent have not forsaken us. Survival makes us stronger, I believe with every fiber in my being that the Pack are going to rise from this and come back even stronger. Sometimes you have to feel the very depths of despair so you can know what you are truly made of. Much love to all things Pack, even the one who fumbled and the ones who made mistakes. You are team to us, love you even through dark days as they come. In all honestly I don't think this was such a big a lose but some take losing as a sword buried to the hilt in our hearts but that comes from love for our team. I wanted to create a place for love and healing for those times when our team loses. A place of undying love poured forth from the very hearts of fans, vibrant with green and glistening in gold. Undying faith, unconditional loyalty. This team is better then this loss, and alas in parting:

:chisux: :chisux: :chisux: :chisux: :chisux:

2010 loss to Detroit

Cheesehead625 said:
These play calls ARE AWFUL!!!! Who the hell is this joker thinking he's a head coach! This Offensive line is beyond horrific and needs to be completely be dismantled. I would do anything to see Aaron behind the Patriots O-line in green bay. GOD I cant take this. I know.. i know its all injuries... Well that oline has been crap for years! No excuse to run the whole first half against this crap secondary... AND definitely no excuse for the front four of anytime to collapse the pocket that bad every play!

Travis said:
I couldn't agree more. I get so tired week after week, of seeing McCarthy run stupid plays that are ineffective in any given situation. The Offensive line is terrible, the running game sucks, and when McCarthy does let Rogers pass, he throws that stupid sideline crap down the line of scrimmage. He needs to throw down field and get a running game that works!! I can't believe the Front Office lets him continue to run this pathetic offense. He should have been told early, to hire a O-Coordinater. I'm sick.

Mr. StyleZ said:
Worst coach job ever. Worst line play ever.

Travis said:
The Pack played like a high school team today, and McCarthy looks like a rank amateur. The Lions deserved to win, though I think anyone could have beat McCarthy today.

PackersRS said:
I don't care if we win the SB (!!). MM should be fired. He's just too bad of a playcaller. We couldn't run the ball yet he kept trying, never to spread them out and throw it.

He's just too stupid. Just the worst offensive playcalling I've ever seen, I've never seen such stubborness and stupidity together. Not in this magnitude.

PackersFan28 said:
This game was HORRIBLE. Why is MM so afraid to throw a challenge flag? It looked like Jennings had the TD and the reward was bigger than the risk. I can't believe this. Bomb it on 4th & 1? Not smart.

PackerFanLV said:
I have been a mm supporter, but I am getting tired of making excuses for him, he coached a horrible game today. He played right into the lions defence hands. Our o-line is weak when it was time to man up they got bulldozed.

c_mac said:
I've always felt that McCarthy just simple gets out-coached on a regular basis especially in close games. Unless the team really clicks and goes up by 20 points he can just never seem to win the close ones.

PFanCan said:
Ivo, it's not the "end of the world". But, this loss dramatically increases the odds that the "end of the Packer season" is right after the Bears game.

Too bad McCarthy couldn't figure out how to play to the Lions weaknesses. Instead, he played right into their strengths all game long.

Trapped_in_VikingVille said:
I have never called for McCarthys dismissal but it's time! We need a coach to take us further. I am not a bandwagon jumper but we need a coach to move us a long. Sorry Mike!

Even simply having faith in Green Bay was a bad thing.

Munny said:
You always have an excuse to cover for MM, TT or anyone else for that matter...

Are you sure you aren't MM in disguise? You certainly bury your head in the sand like he does.

JBlood said:
Philbin and Campen have had 4 years to develop a dominating line and the result is a pathetic group that can't get a yard when they really need it. McCarthy should have replaced these guys years ago and if he doesn't at the end of this year it will cost him his job.

ghostsoflambeau said:
I can't wait to hear Mike McCarthy talk about how the O-line's "technique" was not good today. I got a fricking idea, how about getting some decent O-linemen through free agency that are good enough that can overcome "technique" flaws. The Green Bay o-linemen are a bunch of average slow men, most of whom wouldn't even be bench players for many NFL teams.

Also, it was only time when the Packers failure to get an adequate, experienced back-up QB was going to bite TT in the ***. As far as I'm concerned, the defensive coaches should be retained, but Thompson, McCarthy, Philben, and Slocum are a bunch of incompetent jackwagons. Too bad, they have the injuries excuse this year and all of these jokers will be back for another failed season next year.

GreenBlood said:
ghostsoflambeau said:
Also, it was only time when the Packers failure to get an adequate, experienced back-up QB was going to bite TT in the ***. As far as I'm concerned, the defensive coaches should be retained, but Thompson, McCarthy, Philben, and Slocum are a bunch of incompetent jackwagons. Too bad, they have the injuries excuse this year and all of these jokers will be back for another failed season next year.
Excuse me for being the voice of reason but all of our losses have been by 4 or less. With Grant, Finley, a healthy Tauscher (which he may never be again), Barnett, Burnett, Jenkins, and Chillar, we might very well be undefeated at this point. In fact, I'd say there's a good likelihood of it. So to say that having so many injuries is just an "excuse" is **** poor logic.

Kitten said:
Keep the faith! Sure some of that was on MM's head but not all of it. Some of those plays could of been made and we'd all be calling him a hero if they were. The Lions had a better team than perhaps we thought, this was a trap game from the very beginning. At least our D played brilliantly, nobody can really complain on that end. It was our O line that struggled and we can only pray Aaron is ok and will be back next week. There is not much more to do than regroup and try and come back stronger. We have a big game next week, there are still a lot of things that can still go in our favor. Think of how far we have come just to get here, if we go no further at least we know we have the heart and souls of champions.

Remember, there were many times this year where many of us wanted to kiss M.M.'s feet. I understand what he was doing on that last offensive play even though I don't like it. He was going for the win instead of just getting the 1st down.

We have plenty of life left within. Keep the faith and the dream alive in your hearts. Ever in times such as these does our team need to know their fans are behind them no matter what occurs.

GreenGoldAngel said:
A lot of naughty people on this thread, I was thinking of committing suicide for being dumb enough to follow and love such a lousy crappy team. I do not know what you want...will only a 16-0 record make you happy? If you are so freaking smart, apply for the coaching positions.

OldSchoolFan, Bart would throw the bomb on third and 1 which I am sure you remember....but it really worked for Bart because our run game was so great.

You people want to be unhappy after a loss and pessimistic about the next game, I am sorry for you. You are missing the joy and unpredictability of the game.

But you are young and I give you a to me after you have seen, watched or listened to 800 games....things are cyclical. Now put a smile on your face.

Looking back at these old posts, and seeing how the Packers won the Super Bowl even under the weight of adversity, what do you think?


Big Bay Blues fan
Feb 1, 2010
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First happy that I wasn't mentioned.
Second your sig needs a to have a pic of the Packers 1929 team,
Third we get emotional after losses. The year after the 2008 our defense couldn't close games. 2009 we came close, this year WE DID IT! Despite everything. We were Super Bowl favorites from the start of the season and at midseason it seemed that was a fluke.


Duke Mantee
Jan 27, 2011
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Mobile, AL U.S.
Sometimes faith is not visible.

This is why you let the season play out and not give up after a loss to the Lions, or losing to the winless Buc's last year. **** happens...


Feb 13, 2010
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its entertaining to go back and look at the comments on the players we drafted as well.

This thread might upset some people...

Forget Favre

Dec 28, 2009
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I suppose every treasure chest with gold will have a few tarnished, damaged or scratched pieces.

I dunno why the past is being visited when the Pack are SB champs.
And haven't there already been threads started similar to this one?

Wood Chipper

Fantasy Football Guru
Sep 30, 2010
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I suppose every treasure chest with gold will have a few tarnished, damaged or scratched pieces.

I dunno why the past is being visited when the Pack are SB champs.
And haven't there already been threads started similar to this one?
its the offseason so now the forum is more relaxed and we can talk about whatever


Oct 19, 2007
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I was mentioned, still stand behind what I said. Ref in Playoff games don't call nearly are many penalties.


Duke Mantee
Jan 27, 2011
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Mobile, AL U.S.
We're Super Bowl Champions now....time to forgive and forget if you can. No more worrying about Ted Thompson, no more wishing of Mike McCarthy to lose his job, no more worrying about Favre, and no more hanging on 6 loses.

Going 10-6 and winning the Super Bowl is enough for me.

Strongly I believe this team showed an effort that the league has not witnessed in decades to go through injury after injury, short loss after short loss and come up with the biggest win of them all.

The 1988 49ers were a team I did a lot of research on a while back, and some how, somewhere this 2010 Packer team reminded me of them.

The 'Niners were injury plagued from '88 and suffered a bunch of losses that they really should have won. Watch America's Game on the 1988 SF team or read up on them, and you may see what I mean. People wanted Walsh fired when he took Montana out of games so he would not get injured, and threw Young in. People thought he was insane with his 80% Pass play calling (I think EVERYONE at one point though McCarthy was doing too many pass plays). At one point in the season they were 7-5 and no one thought they would make the playoffs after getting hammered by the Falcons; just as no one expected the Pack attack to make it after the short loses we had to Detroit and New England.

Before the Giants game, all I heard during that week was how the Giants would "redeem" themselves in our house and show they are a play off team. Everybody picked them in a close win, and the only person who was close to a perfect prediction was Ted Brushi when he predicted the Packers to win by more than 14. Beating down the Giants personally told me, we WERE the team to beat, and beating this 2010 Green Bay Packers team that is injury plagued ain't an easy task.

I can't think of any other NFL team that would have made it and won the Super Bowl with the injury bug. I didn't expect us to win with all the injuries, but it proved one thing. When teams speak of Depth at roster, we are THE team with real depth at roster to go through hell and back with so many starters on IR, and come back home with the Lombardi trophy.


Jan 3, 2005
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I stand by what I said as well.

I also understand that many of my posts would be a fodder for anyone writing a book about mental football fans as well. ;)


That's MISTER Cheesehead, to you.
Dec 18, 2009
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Houston, TX
As I was reading the initial post, I kept thinking to myself, "Please don't post something from me, please don't post...", but alas I was quoted. But, honestly, it wasn't my most negative post anyhow.

The 2010 Packers certainly tested our faith. Many of us lost it at some point along the way. As KilrB said above, we are mental. Our emotions run ski high to a valley low in a heartbeat. It's what defines a "fan" (from the word "fanatic").

It was nice that you threw in a few of Kitten's posts to show how she was one of the few who kept a cool head through thick and thin. Good work, Kitten.

I still think that McCarthy should pass the playcalling to someone else who is more talented and focus on being a head coach on the sidelines. But, I will probably whine less the next time he calls a predictable play in a key situation.

On second thought, no I won't.


Dec 5, 2004
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Originally Posted by JBlood

Philbin and Campen have had 4 years to develop a dominating line and the result is a pathetic group that can't get a yard when they really need it. McCarthy should have replaced these guys years ago and if he doesn't at the end of this year it will cost him his job.

I think this was after the Lions game, and I said in another thread that if MM didn't get things changed he would be gone at the end of the year. I still believe that, but it's pretty obvious that he DID get things changed around.

I still think the offensive line is the weak point of the offense and needs improvement in both the run game and the pass protection game. Rodgers won't last 5 years if he continues to get hit like he has.

I will admit, winning # 13 smooths over a lot of ills.