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Ode to the packer franchise and management.

Discussion in 'Packer Fan Forum' started by ThePerfectBeard, Oct 19, 2010.

  1. ThePerfectBeard

    ThePerfectBeard Cheesehead

    Jan 10, 2010
    Imagine Aaron Rodgers with an amazing O-line where he wouldnt have to hold on to the ball forever. Imagine a stout defense that didnt have to try and make impossible turnovers just to get the ball back. Imagine a special teams that could pin the ball behind the 10 yard line and could threaten to bring it to the house.... Nobody wake me because im dreaming of the perfect team with 3 super bowls in 4 years. When is this gonna happen? Oh wait it almost did... We were so close in the 90s.. Remember Fritz shurmur? Remember when holmgren was good? Why cant we have this again and do it right this time?!!!! COME ON GUYS!!! I dont want to have to wait 30 years like you made us wait last time! This is my ODE to the packer organization! Lets show them what football is all about and how great this franchise is! Do not let teams like the Steelers and Patriots claim they are the most dominate franchises in NFL history! They cant hold a candle to a team that won as many championships as the Packers and won the first two superbowls! Lets show them what the Packers mean to football! Pull out all the stops, spend all the money necessary, and become the yankees of football! Make us a dynasty and do it NOW!!! :superman::viksux::chisux:
  2. Packman Chant

    Packman Chant Lambeau West

    Sep 29, 2010

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