more bi queen problems?


Dec 15, 2004
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Lambeau Midwest
This mafia style -let's run some numbers at the Met-ro" is flat out amusing.. all around.... Mike Tice has just woken up a sleeping lion in the Head Hondos of the NFL... and what's worse, the Media is sprinting, not running.. but flat out sprinting with this one... This evening's FoxSports show is a laugh riot with the comments from the Hosts and quite a few of the Callers... He may have made millions on this - and nobody can probably figure just how many tickets were really involved - but guess what.. He now has the attention of the I.R.S. I would take Paul Tagliabue over the I.R.S. any friggin' day... trust me... three guys in a row called in...

"Uh, Hi, I'm Joe (not my real name) and I do exactly what Mike Tice has been doing... I get about 20 - 30 tickets from the players who are definitely not going to the SuperBowl and the guy who picks them up for me usually pays the players about twice their face value... which right now is about $500 per.... so I give him that per ticket... and then I sell them in blocks of like 8 to people who need them... and I make on average about $25,000 - $30,000 on the ordeal... all cash... no taxes... {up yours Uncle Sam}... I do this every year.. like clockwork... it's my Christmas holiday" Said one caller. "Mike Tice should know better since he is in the spotlight day in and day out... He should have had a runner or something... they'll burn him...!"

Well, I gotta say we knew the SuperBowl was rigged, but now you know the mechanics. The NFL should and probably will hit him with a huge 6 figure fine... and lookout (whoa) here comes the I.R.S. and then what's gonna happen? Eh? How much in back taxes do you think they'll "assume" he owes......? Let's just say.. SO MUCH FOR THE PROFITS, BABEEEE!

Mhat a maroon! :shock: :roll: :eek:mg: :yeah: :whippin:

:feedback: Will Mike Tice get himself fired.....?


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Dec 12, 2004
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Green Bay, WI
Not a good day in the Tice hood. A week ago he hears his boss say he almost fired him and now this. He might wanna take that pencil an shove it between his ears.