Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - Nov. 3


Mar 27, 2006
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posted 11/03/2006

(How did Charles do today and will he be available?)
Charles practiced today. He looked pretty good. He went limited reps, and we're hopeful he'll go Sunday. Post-practice treatment will tell us more, but he looked like he felt fine.

(Was that a surprise?)
That was the plan. The plan was to evaluate him Friday morning - give him two full days to rest and see how he felt today. He practiced in limited fashion and was able to get through practice.

(Will you upgrade him?)
Yes, we will upgrade him to questionable.

(Will you take him off punt return?)
He will not be the punt returner. I'm going to go with Shaun (Bodiford) and Will (Blackmon) in both return, kickoff and punt. Shaun will be first (on punt return) and Blackmon will be second. They'll both be back there on kickoff.

(How comfortable are you with Will and how he has picked things up?)
He's a very talented young man. He's handled all the returns very well in the practice environment, and frankly, we'd like to see him get in there and play. He played limited special teams last week, but I'd say the comfort level is there. He is a young player that needs an opportunity, and I'd like to see him in there and compete.

(Is Dendy still the nickel?)
Yes, correct.

(If Woodson couldn't play, who would you start at corner?)
We'd probably go with Dendy. Blackmon would probably be the nickel. Frankly, it would be between Blackmon and Bush. We worked all three of those guys and stayed in here Wednesday because I want to make sure all three of those guys are ready.

(How did Jennings progress this week?)
He's practiced twice. He's put his foot down, and I know he was sore today. I am curious to get in there and see how he came out of today's practice. We're hopeful he'll go.

(And Cullen Jenkins, how'd he look?)
He's feeling better. He made a lot of progress this week, so I'd say it's safe to say he'll go.

(Do you see comparisons between your team and the Bills?)
I think they are a young team. It's the first year of a new program. The first thing I always look for in a football team is in a schematic standpoint: are they sound? Do they play with good technique? They play with excellent effort, and I know going to Buffalo will be a challenge. This is going to be a football game where the team that makes the least amount of mistakes will be successful. It's a game that we need to come out and be sharp for all four quarters and definitely exceed their effort and execution.

(Will you need P.J. Pope?)
He'll be up and ready. We're hopeful that it doesn't get to P.J. because we have Ahman and Noah going right now.

(Did he get enough reps this week?)
Yes, he's ready.

(How long will Miree be out?)
Next week will be a big week for him. Just with the type of injury he has, it could be short-term or long-term based on the progress he makes here in the next three or four days.


Mar 11, 2006
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Title Town
It would be very nice if Woodson plays. He's a big part of out defense and the last 3 games has played very well for us. Harris should be able to hang with Evans but I'm not sure Dendy or Blackmon is good enough to cover a #2 right now.


Dec 17, 2004
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Burnaby, B.C.
I honestly don't even know who Buffalo's #2 wideout is, so if Woodson did end up missing a game, I've come around to the idea of this being the one. That said, I hope like hell he's in the lineup.

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