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McGinn: O-line pushed around

Discussion in 'Packer Fan Forum' started by Greg C., Sep 10, 2007.

  1. Greg C.

    Greg C. Cheesehead

    May 31, 2005

    This is a good summary by Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel of the poor performance by the O-line against the Eagles. If it weren't for an outstanding performance by Brett Favre and a gutty performance by the receivers and backs, this game would've been a complete disaster for the offense. I don't know why the O-line regressed. Spitz was a little banged up, but the worst offenders were Colledge, Tauscher, and Clifton. I hope this is just an aberration, against a good defense, and that they get their act together next week.
  2. Pack93z

    Pack93z You retired too? .... Not me. I'm in my prime

    Aug 1, 2005
    IMHO... With the practice of not running the true scheme.. cuts... in the preseason, I think you are seeing a product of rust and bad timing in the running game. Also to me, it looks like we have a quasi zone blocking scheme in place with some drive blocking principles mixes in. We are not a physical enough line inside to be a true drive blocking line.. so either get the ZB down.. or let Campen teach these kids how to drive block with leverage and knock the crap out of them up front.

    As far as pass protection.. que the film and watch some of the indecision on the oline of whom they are going to block.. some of that I would guess is part of Johnson's colorful blitz packages.. but then we wound up wiffing on their straight up men.

    Was it part of concern about the young backs in the backfield?

    Was the Eagle line that improved?

    Whatever it was... by watching MM it will be a long week for the oline and the backup Dline... can you say hitting in practice...
  3. spardo62

    spardo62 Cheesehead

    Mar 26, 2006
    This is a huge concern coming out of this game. Granted it is only one game, but our linemen looked neither athletic nor strong at the point of attack and the results were dismal.

    Not only were there few holes for the running game, but Favre had little time to set up in the pocket. The pass protection looked like a combination of players just getting beat and some confusion. As for the run blocking, I have maintained that Clifton and Tauscher are not comfortable in the zone system and it kind of showed again yesterday. The middle of the line simply may not be as good as we thought after last season.

    Whatever the problems are, they need to be addressed quickly, as the type of performance exhibited yesterday will not yield many wins.

    Question: Did the loss of Jagodinski hamper not only the development of some of the young linemen, but also hurt the teaching of the elements of the ZB system. None of the current line coahes or OC seem to have the background in this type of scheme that Jagodinski posessed.
  4. warhawk

    warhawk Cheesehead

    Dec 7, 2005
    Worse game I have seen from Clifton and Tausher in a long, long, time. Clifton could not handle the DE's speed on the pass protection OR move him at all when we ran that way.

    Tausher wasn't much better.

    I know I saw Coston in there some after Clifton let his man by and Favre fumbled. You don't see Clifton come out of games often unless he get's hurt. that's how bad he was yesterday.

    I certainly don't put the lack of offense on the RB's in this one and Favre was lucky to survive.
  5. Timmons

    Timmons Cheesehead

    May 8, 2006
    Right now, our O line is not good, and it was painful to watch it all day long.

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